⌚Naruchnye watch trends 2016⌚

⌚Naruchnye watch trends 2016⌚

I do not think anyone will argue with me on that beautiful and stylish watches are great to decorate and even completely change our way of adding flavor to it and the necessary focus.

Today we will talk about what the fashion trends for 2016 can be found among such wonderful accessories like watches.

In Hong Kong, recently successfully completed an exhibition called "Watches & Wonders", which, as is clear from the description, was entirely devoted to a variety of modern and beautiful wrist watches and other kinds!

Fashion trends in women's watches 2016

it is worth noting the model, the dial which decorated the different pictures, ranging from the beautiful scenery and finishing with floral motifs, which give enhancements incredible femininity and a magical magnetism women's models of watches, glittering in the above exhibition.

⌚Naruchnye watch trends 2016⌚ ⌚Naruchnye watch trends 2016⌚ ⌚Naruchnye watch trends 2016⌚

Of course, in fashion and are time-tested classic dials, on which at least too much, sometimes not even have a digital signage. If you want to choose a watch that will always remain relevant and in demand, regardless of the season and time of year, as well as fashion trends, I advise you to give preference to such a bare-bones models.

⌚Naruchnye watch trends 2016⌚

Fashion trends men's watches 2016

Men's fashion, including on the accessories, which include watches, more reserved and remains constant for much longer than women's. Therefore, men's watches that were popular last season, are relevant to this day.

⌚Naruchnye watch trends 2016⌚

Among the models of men's watches is to provide products with the classic chronograph with a leather strap, ultra-modern models, made in a thin shell, which is very elegant look to the hand. Among the color preferences should focus on never aging options, always topical and are in the trend:

  • black leather strap and silver casing
  • brown leather strap and golden casing
  • blue strap and polished steel watchcase
  • silver metallic stainless steel strap and a housing

When selecting all of the above options for men's watches you undoubtedly will be a trend, and will always be on top, as these watches, and the combination of materials is always advantageous and appropriate look.