Advantages and disadvantages of the gel for nail

Advantages and disadvantages of the gel for nail

To date, the choice of materials to create a beautiful manicure and a nail care is so huge that it is sometimes difficult to determine exactly what you need to acquire.

So today we'll talk about what money really will give us the opportunity to you to create elegant and perfect in every way manicure.

Those of us who are engaged in professional manicure, have long appreciated the benefits of polymer coatings, which are not only aesthetically appealing, because they can make the nail plate is very smooth and flat surface, but also durable.

The leader among modern compositions can be considered a gel nail. They smartly lie on nails, making them smooth surface, smooth and very shiny. Not long ago, the gels were only used to change the shape and length of the nail, that is used mainly for modeling. Then gel varnishes steel also be used for coloring fingernail into various luxurious colors.

The material that I want to talk today - is a completely new in its composition and properties of gel nails. Its advantages have already evaluated manicure, stylists and beauticians. nail manicure gel was able to raise a new quality previously unattainable levels.

Let's talk about its merits

  1. Modern gels have no odor possessed nail varnishes
  2. Save time for drying. After gel polymerization takes place with UV dryer for 2 minutes, and with the LED-unit - in just 30 seconds.
  3. firming gel is difficult to overestimate, it is just incredible. Applying it continually even brittle and dry nails become strong and beautiful.
  4. The rich color palette, ranging from the bright and incredibly rich colors, finishing powdery linen muted shades. Due to the fact that any color gel perfectly mixed, without leaving streaks, you can create exclusive shades and create real masterpieces manicure.
  5. Very easy application. Ideal smoothly falls on the nails, as easily as lacquer is applied without leaving gaps, filling the entire surface a uniform layer of the nail plate.

gel Cons

Perhaps the only drawback of the gel can name it is not quite easy removal from the nail. To clean the surface of the gel, a soft topsheet gashes nail file. Thus, we are destroying the upper most layer of solid gel. Then, moistened in nail polish remover fleece is pressed against the nail, wrap them with foil and leave for 15 minutes.

Then, remove the foil and cotton, remove the remnants of the gel or stick pusher. After removal of gel nails put on oil, it will help avoid injury.