How to prepare your legs for the summer season

How to prepare your legs for the summer season

Very little is left before the much-anticipated all summer, the time when you want to be beautiful, wear light and outdoor clothes and shoes. That the latter does not become a big problem, you need to prepare your legs in advance, so they looked nice in open shoes and does not cause discomfort and uncertainty.

In winter, we do not pay our legs much attention, for we walk in closed shoes and socks, but in vain, because with the arrival of warm weather, we have to start looking after legs so zealously that the time for the beach season is sometimes simply impossible.

Tips how to prepare your legs for the summer

During the winter our legs, especially the heels, are not very beautiful, the skin cracks, it lacks moisture and toenails become brittle and look pitiful. It is caused by lack of vitamins and proper care, which is not necessary to forget, even in the cold season.

To avoid problems with the foot skin and nails, it is important to regularly and properly care for the feet, do not forget about quality cleaning, which should be complemented by food and skin moisture.

How to prepare your legs for the summer season

To soften hardened heels, try to do the bath for the feet, which will help remove dead layers of the skin and accelerate the regeneration process. After steaming necessarily apply to the skin stop moisturizer that helps restore moisture balance. You can also make soothing compresses. Coat the foot a good layer of a special cream with good moisturizing effect, then wrap the legs in cellophane, and on top wear warm socks. With this compress can go to bed, and you can hold it for 2-3 hours, if you're going somewhere.

Do not forget that the leg care, also includes and pedicures, without which dress sandals will be just plain wrong. A lot of useful information about the care of feet you will find the address Nail care on the legs should begin to give them the correct length and shape.

Do this by using special nail files having different hardness of the abrasive coating. Start with rough processing and a gradual transition to a mild abrasive, finish polishing nail plate. On such prepared surface will form excellent nail polish or gel - contemporary quality coating having excellent resistance.

Choose soothing colors for a pedicure polish or gel, so that it was combined with the shoes in which you are planning to go.

Remain the most beautiful, and do not be afraid to experiment!