How to choose a face cream?

How to choose a face cream?

Any woman who is sent to the store in which there are a variety of cosmetic products, can feel quite insecure.

How, then, to choose a face cream that is suitable for you? To determine this, you need to know what you should pay attention to this case. Remember that the tool should be selected, starting from the skin type, age features. The effectiveness of care depends on the right choice of cream.

products for different skin types

When choosing a cream, it is necessary to be based on skin type. It is known that there is dry, oily and combination skin. The funds are meant for the care of different parameters such as:

  • composition;
  • functions performed by the cream.

Modern manufacturers offer products in a wide range. You can pick up a cream designed for dehydrated, irritated, sensitive skin. There are tools that can be used on the skin, which acne.

The composition of the cream

It is very important to pay attention to the composition of funds. It is best to purchase products with natural ingredients. The most valuable components are at the top of the list. In that case, if you see the components in the latter part of the list, it can be concluded that it is presented in a minimal amount. Discard the acquisition cream harmful components such as aluminum salts, parabens, benzene, other substances. Because of ceresin, propylene glycol can develop allergies.

Packing Study

If you need a cream, then pay attention to such factors as the type of packaging. It is believed that cosmetic products that produce the domestic enterprises, more natural. Of course, imported drugs is often greater efficiency, but it is important to understand that the synthetic components often accumulate in the skin. Because of these allergic reactions begin, the body becomes accustomed to such creams. By purchasing imported cream, you should pay attention only to the expensive products. Its composition is usually more natural.

It is known that products that provide care for a person may be sold in cans, tubes, vials with dispensers. Experts say that the best option - a product that is placed in the vial, equipped with a metering device. Such packaging is good because it does not allow microbes to get inside. If you buy in a jar, then pay attention to the presence of a plastic spatula. It is necessary to use more hygienic cream.