Anti-wrinkle: Myths and Truths

Anti-wrinkle: Myths and Truths

The youth has long been a fashion trend, whose popularity in the near future will only grow. But biological aging starts early enough.

After 25 years of cell division slows down gradually. The intensity of this process is enhanced because of the unfavorable climate and air pollution. All this has a negative impact on the appearance. It helps to keep a fresh look timely and proper care of the person.

Some tools protect your skin and prolong her youth. However, the assurances of advertising, there are specialized components that rejuvenate any woman, even for 10-20 years. Is it possible?

Do cream effectively with Botox, hyaluronic acid and a placenta?

Preparations based Botox (active component - proteinaceous neurotoxin type A) do reduce the depth and the number of facial wrinkles, blocking neuromuscular transmission pulses.

However, they are administered only by injection. External agents can not penetrate into the facial muscles through the skin, so wait for a positive result from them are not worth it. Hyaluronic acid - a natural component of epithelial and connective tissues of the human body daily synthesized in cells of the organism. Hyaluronate is involved in metabolic processes in the epidermis, has a moisturizing effect.

Anti-wrinkle: Myths and Truths

But for this he must be in the form of low molecular weight, which is difficult to achieve. Subcutaneous acid gives better results than the use of gels based on it.

The rejuvenating effect of the placenta (fetal membranes involved in the supply of materials necessary for the formation of the fetus in utero) was recorded by scientists in the 30-ies of the last century. It is connected with a high content in it of steroid hormones.

Thanks to them, a face cream with placenta quickly penetrates the epidermis and restores skin elasticity. But this kind of makeup has a number of serious side effects, can cause hormonal failure.