Technology varnishing gel at home

Technology varnishing gel at home

Today, our article will be focused on how to properly and correctly apply the gel nail polish at home, a coating that not so long ago appeared on the market beauty industry, but has already gained popularity and the love of many.

The process of applying the gel polish is not very different from painting our nails ordinary nail in what way, it is its convenience, but still has a number of striking differences, which are on the talk in order.

The secrets when applied to the nail polish gel at home

In recent years the number of women who came to love the service cover gel polish, is growing rapidly, especially since they can be purchased in the online store, such as, the most attractive prices! Conventional paints is almost completely receded into the background.

Technology varnishing gel at home

Why not try?

After all, it is much more convenient. Having made up once, you can forget about it for 2-3 weeks. So promise wizard. Yes, and friends do not hold smaller. But now for some reason after a few days of gel varnish began to lose ground, and by the end of the week acquired a terrifying look.

Poor quality nail polish? Bad Master? Individual features of the nail plate? May be. But probably just the wrong care. Because any such procedure requires careful maintenance.

Technology varnishing gel at home

What is there for such a coating care rules

1. Hot water. From water treatment with hot water on the first day should be discarded completely. And even better in the first few days. This will keep the shine, the beauty and quality of the coating.

2. Manicure. Try not to file nails. This violates the integrity of the top varnish, which is applied to the latter and serves to prolong wear.

3. Detergents. Of course, no one hostess can not completely eliminate the use of these funds. Just wear rubber gloves. So to continue, not only manicures, but also the health of the skin of hands.

4. Removal of gel polish. Yes, remove the cover from the master is worth the money and time. But the nails will remain intact. Self-removal gel polish will result in severe damage to the nail cover. Up to the fact that the nails in the density become like paper. Will have a long time to grow, and cure them. At this time, of course, about any varnish coating and can be no question.

5. Term socks. In any procedure is to say, the expiry date. Ignoring it can lead to damage to the nail plate, and overall health. Do not hold the gel nail polish longer than 14 days.

6. Bath and sauna. It is strictly forbidden, if you want a long time to carry a gel nail. Abrupt temperature changes adversely affect it. He quickly starts to flake. If the master got a professional, it is necessary to reiterate the rules of care. But sometimes it happens that catches unchecked bad master.

From what we can conclude that this is so?

A thick layer of

If the wizard does a gel varnish too thickly, it will very quickly exfoliates. A professional knows very well about it.


It is impossible to nail to the cuticle and numb the skin on the sides of the nail. This makes the coverage is not complete and very shorten its service.

Special coatings before and after the gel varnish

Master must apply several layers of the lacquer prior to coating gel (degreasing nail base and m. P.). And after coating applied top coat. If he does not, then decided to save. Or else has no idea about the rules of application.

Try new, but always listen to the advice of professionals!