Male and female eastern ring

Male and female eastern ring

Jewelry in general are a very popular category of trade among consumers, and even more than that, people seem to be really interested in buying genuine and authentic jewelry from other cultures.

It's actually very easy to understand, given the special beauty that some of these cultures put into their work, as well as their passion. The Chinese were one of the first crops, which began to make jewelry, more than 5,000 years ago. And then all the others followed suit and decided to do it as well.

Eastern craftsmen make some really special ring. You can find these rings on many sites using your favorite search engine, or even find them on the eastern sites. Here are a few examples of types of rings that are offered to men and women when it comes to the East ring.

Men's rings:

  • Tibetan Mantra
  • Dragon & Phoenix
  • Red Dragon
  • Jade
  • Chinese Ban Zhi Ring
  • Opal
  • Carnelian
  • Elliptical Dragon in Tibetan style
  • Black Onyx
  • Eagle

Women's rings:

  • Flower Cloisonne Enamel
  • Black Pearls
  • Pearl
  • Jade
  • Tibetan Ring - 'I give you my heart' (somewhat similar to the Irish 'Claddagh')
  • Tibetan Mantra
  • pentagonal ring

Of course, there are other options if you want to find them, look on the Internet. You can also try some of the sites below and see what you have to taste!

- '' - Online selection of men's rings you simply amaze. A wide variety of thematic or brutal, vintage or modern, there are rings to suit every taste.

- 'Oriental Jade Jewelry' - obviously the name implies, this site specializes in Jade jewelry and necklaces. It offers a very fair price and is a good source of all kinds of jewelry. They presented a lot of very good things on the site, so make sure you check out this store!

- 'Asian Pearls Net' - this site has such jewel-like Lavender jade, black pearls, turquoise, coral and more.

- 'World Jewelry Store' - Chinese jewelry, necklaces, pendants, amulets, symbols.

- 'Titanium Era' - this site is actually the usual shops selling jewelry, but they also have some really nice oriental rings and really good prices. I bought a ring here a couple of years ago for a few hundred dollars, and it was definitely the best price. Note the Kanji 'mom' Kanji 'I love you', 'Double Happiness', 'Buddha', and others.