Coats and jackets for men 2017

Coats and jackets for men 2017

For the cold season the producers of menswear produced many models of men's clothes - a jacket and coats, jackets and parks, and many other kinds of things to buy men, depending on their type of activity and lifestyle.

Very popular jackets, this is quite a versatile article of clothing, which is also very convenient and practical.

Jackets are warm with a heater made of natural down and feathers or artificial insulation. For men, leading an active lifestyle, stores offer a wide selection of sportswear with a membrane and a variety of waterproof and "breathable" materials and coatings.

Light Short Men's demi seasonal jackets are very popular in recent years because they are very practical. On sale you can find a variety of options for different circumstances stylizations. The color scheme of the fashionable this season models will appreciate the large range of colors for different tastes. Along with the classic colors in fashion includes green and blue.

For a more elegant styling to work in an office or at a business meeting under the classic suit, men choose to Coat. No one does not need to be reminded that the coat - a long outer garment, which has three main functions:

  • protects against cold, wind and rain,
  • aesthetic - models the figure,
  • stylistic - allows you to create a style.
Coats and jackets for men 2017

The upper elements of the male wardrobe are significantly different in styles, colors and materials from which they were made. Thinking about kroyah, it should be noted that several types of styles stand out today. Some of them have their roots in the nineteenth century.

Types of coats for men


This style is available almost all manufacturers of menswear. It is made of thick woolen cloth. Ideal for winter and autumn temperatures.


Fashionable styles in the style of the nineteenth century. Can be single - or double-breasted. It is produced mainly in beige, blue and black colors. The most popular version - a Chesterfield are single coat, made of gray fabric in a herringbone pattern, with a black velvet collar.

British warm

British warm coat - it is nothing like the stylistic remnants of former military coat, as evidenced sewn to the shoulder straps. It is sewn from thick wool. In an exclusive version of its sewing cashmere.

Covert coat or a coat hidden

Originally designed for riding and hunting (still has an internal pocket for storage of food and ammunition). It is thin and short, made of a lightweight twill, is a very versatile and versatile article of clothing. This coat is produced in shades of brown, usually in bright colors. Its characteristic feature is the four parallel seam and hem finishing cuffs and collar contrasting color.

Coats Polo

Usually beige, but the stylists recommend wearing it in dark blue colors. It has the character of a little less formal mainly because of the large pockets. Among other outerwear his distinguished belt at the waist.


This is the first waterproof coat, made of material intended for the production of waterproof tents. Its functionality is obtained through specially developed a method of sealing joints. The construction is very simple: two layers of cotton fabric, separated by a layer of rubber, free cutting. A similar free cutting a raincoat, although it is sewn from a different material.

This waterproof cotton twill weave with a characteristic texture. Typical for this cape sleeves with no seams on the shoulders and buttons hidden under the front hollow. Nevertheless, the most recognizable feature is a large inner pocket on the left hip height to which the British hid morning newspaper.

In addition to the above presented coat can also be isolated, soldiers, known as trench coats, which are now sew in a modified version of the city for daily use. The remnants of their military past are expressed in epaulets on the shoulders, collar-protective and metal elements on a belt.