How to choose a dress for the wedding

How to choose a dress for the wedding

Now that the wedding season in full swing, we'll talk about how to choose the right dress for the wedding.

Undoubtedly, each of the brides, in their own way, beautiful and charming. Especially if the girl perfectly suited elegant wedding dress.

Now the popular two-color dress for brides:

  1. Cool White - perfect girl with light skin. Also, dark-haired with light eyes.
  2. The champagne color suit bride with a warm skin tone. Blondes and brown-haired. Bride Italy, for example, prefer this option colors. There, this color is very popular.

If, however, she has set for herself that she wants the wedding to be just in the traditional white, even if it chooses.

In silhouette dresses for brides can be divided into four main types:

  1. Curvy model, to a greater extent will slender brides, short stature. As well will look good on a girl of average build.
  2. The dress, which is expanding slowly to the bottom, is the best solution. It will suit girls with completely different figures. Plump bride in this dress will be slim and thin will look elegant.
  3. Dress free style, covered with high under the breast. This type of individual. Often this option opt pregnant bride. A Greek feel.
  4. fitting shape to the knee and the bottom of the dramatically expanded. In the lower part of the dress can be present shuttlecock. This dress fit tall girl with a perfect figure. Even a small tummy, this dress will be very visible.

Most of the girls are willing to buy a dress with straps, because they are afraid that the dress would fall down.

lyamochki on wedding dresses can be of three types:

  1. A strip of cloth is from the dress and around her neck. This option is ideal for everyone. But if a girl big breasts, it is better that the harness is wide.
  2. The two straps on the shoulders of the girl suit with broad shoulders. This visually narrows the width of the shoulder.
  3. Low lowered sleeves visually expand the shoulders. Recommended brides with narrow shoulders or full.

Choosing a wedding dress is quite complicated task. Each girl who marries a matter of choosing dresses considers most important.

Especially that now so many different kinds of dresses. The main thing is not to panic and not to lose, you should just sit down and think about what is most suitable to the style and character of the bride. That emphasize the dignity and hide flaws. After the wedding, almost all, once in their lifetime.