Several ways to always look fashionable without spending large sums of money

Several ways to always look fashionable without spending large sums of money

The ability to dress stylishly always allocates from the crowd, but the ability to look fashionable under all circumstances is not synonymous to spend more on clothes.

Luxuriously dressed, especially in street-style or everyday, it is possible not only through the brands "de luxe" just coming down from the fashion shows in Milan or London, massive supermarkets do not give a smaller field for self-expression and suggest things that can form the basis for the stylish image .

The main thing to understand that the collection and current trends change, and personal style is always in fashion.

So the first rule of fashion image - classic stuff.

Especially, it concerns clothing. If you must choose between a jacket leatherette bright yellow color and classic black black leather jackets made of leather, the preference is better to give the second lot, because this thing is not going out of fashion already 10 years, and therefore there is no risk that it will remain in the cabinet depths after one season.

In addition, natural materials, not only looks luxurious, but also better to rush, so the need every year to buy a new jacket will disappear. I advise online women's clothing store, where you can find a decent quality items at excellent prices.

Several ways to always look fashionable without spending large sums of money

In spite of the wide variety of brands and models it is very often difficult to find the perfect thing right size. Therefore, to create the perfect image sometimes you need to invest a little more and to adjust things in the studio on a figure. Ideal sitting on the figure trousers, even if it is basic skinny jeans will look more fashionable than boyfriends jeans with pleats along the entire length. As for the length of the skirts are not worth chasing for a mini. Of course, completely get rid of the opening leg types of clothing is not necessary, but it is better to give preference to the length below the knee or knee. This length is always looks more elegant and suitable for many situations, in contrast to the mini skirt so this allows you to save and can be used in different images.

Several ways to always look fashionable without spending large sums of money

Another article of clothing, which can help out in any situation and become a supplement for different images - a classic jacket on a figure of the base color or the right to a large part of the wardrobe. The jacket should emphasize the waistline, have moderately wide lapels and long sleeves, covering the middle of the wrist.

Also important is the fabric: attention should be paid to natural fabrics, but, for example, flax only suitable for summer wear, so the jacket should be dense enough to look appropriate and in the autumn and winter.

Versatility - this is an important principle when choosing shoes.

Wedge and the platform is often heavier legs and image as a whole. Therefore, in order to avoid mistakes when you create a stylish image or formation of a fashionable wardrobe had better pay attention to the heels of various types, depending on the personal style and ability to walk on his heels.

Several ways to always look fashionable without spending large sums of money

As for the colors, regardless of the time of year most stylish looks white. Of course, there are times when it is better to give preference to other colors, but white things should become the basis of any wardrobe, if the hostess wants to look fashionable. The most profitable investment in a fashionable wardrobe, along with expensive shoes, handbags are.

Different shapes, sizes and styles. In the choice of this accessory, you can unleash the imagination and supplement laconic fashion images with bright bags. It is worth remembering only one rule that life was longer have to choose a bag with a rigid form.

Fashion and style in most cases - the antonym alyapistosti. Therefore, choosing Printed clothes need to be careful, even if you include the image of the aggressive designs, do not combine them with each other.

Several ways to always look fashionable without spending large sums of money

Referring to an alyapistosti can not neglect such an accessory, like jewelry, which comes to replace the expensive jewelry. This detail can ruin even the most seasoned and trendy image, so the plastic beads and is best left for the Christmas tree.

Summarizing all the above tips, the main rules of fashion, but an inexpensive wardrobe:

- Classic goes out of fashion!

- Thing "with someone else's shoulder" is not in vogue!

- Mini appropriate on the beach, and the midi still in town!

- The right jacket can even save a failing image!

- Heels, and not the platform!

- White - the most stylish color!

- Soft form the glove, not for bags!

- One image - one print!

- Jewelry - this is not the Christmas decorations!