Tips for girls and women, as always look attractive

Tips for girls and women, as always look attractive

They say that the individuality and personal style - it's cool. But not in all cases it works. Not every girl or woman knows how to dress up and look at it at 100%.

And there will even less girls, who will be able to admit that you do not know how you need to dress, do makeup and so on. D. About what the fashion trends right now is to adhere to, and will be discussed in today's article.

From the way people dressed, there is much to say about it. Even if there is a lot of money, but no taste, it is difficult to choose your personal and individual wardrobe.

Some small detail can be a "hit" of the season or the beginning of a new revolution in fashion.


Tips for girls and women, as always look attractive

When a girl wants to choose shoes, it should pay attention to many things: appearance, color, heel height and whether it would fit to a set of clothes, for which the footwear is chosen.

The standard set of shoes, which must have every girl-fashionistas:

- Sneakers, loffery;

- ballet shoes, shoes without heels with different noses;

- boots;

- boots, boots;

- 5-6 cm heel shoes (classic) for everyday wear.


Tips for girls and women, as always look attractive

Bag - an important element in the image of modern women and men. Without it, no woman of fashion will not do. It is taken out on a date, to work, to shop, to walk to the museum. You can choose stylish leather handbags in Kiev, which are always relevant and never go out of fashion.

Now is not always important to harmonize the bag and shoes in color. Sometimes it is possible to carry the bag and on the contrast, as an individual, is a bright spot, or, on the contrary, that there was no failure, tone on tone.

Small bags that have different shapes and colors on a chain over his shoulder. They appreciate women who go to the event, "in the light."

Large bags, floor - beach. They are monophonic and roomy. This model is recommended for shopping.

Classic handbags average volume suitable for those whose profession - teacher, or office.

Bag - a backpack is convenient, because it can be worn over the shoulder, and as a backpack. Such an option is simply necessary secondary school students and those who are already studying in universities. Roomy bag, compact. It can take with you to the library, the cafe, to the girlfriend. Whatever handbag women do not choose, the main thing that she "spoke" about his mistress individuality.

The colors and textures of fashion handbags this season:

- python, snake color of leather;

- light - blue, beige, mint, pink;

Tips for girls and women, as always look attractive

- bright - yellow, orange, red.

Makeup. Selection of cosmetics. Tips

Tips for girls and women, as always look attractive

Many women exist expressive facial features. That what makeup will make the woman, first of all, depends on what is in it looks very beautiful and unusual.

Eyes? - then you need to select them, to emphasize. If it's lips - lipstick smile decorate and make the image of a woman sexy.

Blush will help its owner to make fresh and healthy look. Powder and foundation even out skin smoothness.

Each woman is unique, individual, bright and resplendent, do not forget about it. More time to spend on yourself, the more interesting look and feel as a result is obtained.

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