How to create a stylish autumn image

How to create a stylish autumn image

The long-awaited summer is coming to a close, and that means it's time to prepare for the new autumn season. Fashion trends autumn comes pretty loyal, but at the same time, demand restraint.

To look stylish and elegant, keeping up with popular trends, consider the latest mobile solutions coming golden season.

Leather and fur

How to create a stylish autumn image

This fall, the first place on the catwalks of the world occupy the leather. To cool rainy autumn is the perfect solution. Skin perfectly keeps heat, it does not get wet, do not crumple and looks stylish throughout the day. At the fashion show demonstrated leather coats of different lengths, mostly dark shades, leather dresses in subdued colors. It is also a very popular product in the cool season will vest marten with sleeves to the elbow, which will make any image of a truly luxurious.


How to create a stylish autumn image

For lovers of skirts the designers have shown narrow model is not longer than the knees. An interesting detail is broad and capacious pockets of skirts in the style of restraint and modest elegance. No crystals, colored stripes and huge belts. Everything is simple and refined. As accessories designers have picked up points, small bags and scarves strict mustard.

Continuing the theme of skirts, it should be noted that in the upcoming season pleated fans got the absolute freedom of choice. Starting and ending lengths color. Fashionably everything. Long pleated skirt of bright colors, models up to the knees in a brilliant metallic colors, short skirts pleated dark or light colors. The main thing is not to overdo it and complement the image of understated riding. It can be a shirt, jumper or short jackets.


How to create a stylish autumn image

The next decision became fashionable men's suits. They fill the wardrobe of business women and office workers. They are beautiful, restrained, elegant and, importantly, are universal. Trousers strict tailoring, coats and jackets, emphasizing the waist and started the trend of the fall season. They must wear a shirt, tie, shoes, in general, like all other men. The color scheme is supposed restrained, not bright.

Pants, leggings

How to create a stylish autumn image

In a variety of colors, designers offer practice on tight leggings, tights and pants. Here the minimum of restrictions. You can combine the pants pastel shades with bright top and vice versa, quiet top with extravagant pants.

Materials are also varied, and it is leather, and suede and plush. Add an image to help vests, which for several seasons in a row did not hand over positions. It is not only about fur garments, jacket can be made of any material.

Very soon there will come a cool rainy autumn, and fashion trends of the upcoming season, let you feel warm and cozy in the proposed outfits. Everything has to be restrained, and in moderation. The rest is up to you.

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