How to organize a cool wedding?

For any bride preparing for the wedding and her organization - nice, but not simple chores.

After all, this includes the choice of a wedding dress and a veil - it is the most important stage of preparation for the wedding, as the bride should be the most beautiful on the holiday, the place for the celebration, the choice of leading, menus and so on. We'll talk about everything in detail!


The first thing you need to decide - a wedding theme, as this will depend on not only the attire of the bride and groom, but also its location.

How to organize a cool wedding?

If the wedding is in a classic traditional style, it is best to choose a restaurant for its implementation, as if the event will be in a contemporary style - you can build everything in the open area.

But in the latter case, the emphasis should make to modern entertainment, such as to put fotobudku, which can be ordered on the website

Since the guests in the memory will not only boring, official photos, but also funny selfie.

Be sure to decide and with a menu that can be planned well in any style, such as Italian or French cuisine.

How to choose a wedding dress: simple rules

Decide what style and color of the dress you prefer: white and fluffy dress or something ultramodern. After all, to try all the dresses will still fail.

How to organize a cool wedding?

Consider what would be your wedding, because the dress should fit the situation. In addition, if you get married in a church, it is not desirable to have been exposed shoulders.

Choice of dress is best to dedicate a whole day and take with you for the company of a loved one, in order to have someone to help during the fitting.

Take a fitting shoes, so you can adjust the length of the dress correctly.

When buying a dress or stylists trust consultants: they know from experience what style and what kind of shape the best fit.

How to organize a cool wedding?

Try the leisurely. Even if the dress like it, do not take it immediately, postpone until tomorrow and once again ponder.

Try on different models of clothes, because the catalog - is one thing and reality - different.

Consider the weather conditions

It may come in handy a fur coat? Or the heat of summer will pick outfit easier? By the way, for winter weddings are more suitable dresses made of satin, heavy silk, taffeta, and for the summer - lace, organza and chiffon.

How to organize a cool wedding?

Buy a new dress is not cheap.

And how to choose the wedding dress, if you take it for rent?

Primarily well inspect it for scuffs, puffs, deformation seed corset and its lining, damage loops and wrinkles. Be sure to check rental rules stipulate the amount of collateral, the terms of compensation for possible damage.

How to organize a cool wedding?