How to choose a coat of the man: the model, color, material?

The coat is an important part of any male wardrobe.

No matter which style you prefer, coat, this is the piece of clothing that is suitable for both amateur sporting appearance and ardent devotee always relevant classics.

How to choose a men's coat on a style and shape?

STYLE men's coat

When choosing a coat should be based on the overall style of clothing. Men paltoobyazatelno should be in the wardrobe of a man with a classic style - trousers, shirts, suits, jackets, shoes should be complemented by strict coat. It is considered bad taste to wear business clothes with jackets or sport jackets, it will look out of place.

Classic coat suitable for formal business meetings and go out, but, in addition to his wardrobe may be a coat in the style of casual, sports or military-style. Also, do not wear a classic coat with sports clothing or a bright pronounced casual, it will look ridiculous.

It is best as a companion to buy men's shoes that are not only ideal for men's coats in style, but also beautify the image.

How to choose a coat of the man: the model, color, material?

HOW TO CHOOSE Men coat on a cut?

The most common division of outerwear - on single or double-breasted coat. A classic that will be relevant always and everywhere. If you are able to have in her wardrobe only one type of coat, stop your choice on the single-breasted model. Model double-breasted overcoat does not fit the formal style, as it has come to us from a military style. This version looks great with casual clothes, suitable for young people who know how to combine with each other difficult things. shoulder line double-breasted coat should be as natural.

How to choose a coat of the man: the model, color, material?

Raglan shoulder is characterized by its shape, the sleeve is quite free, and does not restrict movement. The model has five buttons and a collar, fastened on a hook. Coats are not form-fitting, has a direct cut free and is not suitable for business meetings. It no longer meets the street style, perfectly combined with jeans or chinos.

Frock coat - a classic model of a short-cut double-breasted coat different cut, patch pockets and English collar. This coat is suitable for men with a good figure, because it is quite narrow.

Another type of military outerwear - trench coat. This is a classic coat with a collar, two rows of buttons, yoke at the back, belt or belt and lapels. Rear hem coats have to decorate the slot.

Young fashionistas are increasingly choosing duffle coat - informal coat in a nautical style, it is the brightest and the free form of clothing. Duffle coat is a truncated free coats with a hood, its distinguishing feature is the fastener - hooks, ropes made of light.


Select material for these products can only be based on the weather conditions. The most warm and noble materials - cashmere is.

How to choose a coat of the man: the model, color, material?

The traditional cloth coat is completely natural, looks expensive and noble, long retains its original appearance. Cashmere coat - a good-quality item that will serve its owner for many years.

Wool is also an excellent material for the coat, it has good features, which allow to carry it in the coldest conditions, it is worth a wool product is less than cashmere.

Cheaper options made of mixed fabrics - a combination of natural and synthetic materials. They are worse tolerate low temperatures, but perfectly retain their shape and appearance.


Color men's clothes can not boast such a variety as the female. Classic, of casual and military models most often are performed in black, gray, brown or blue.

How to choose a coat of the man: the model, color, material?

Also, there are khaki, sand, marsh. Bright patterns are not suitable for everyday wear, also rare to find a motley multicolored coat. To select the color it should be based on the total range of the entire wardrobe and tsvetotipa men.

What else to pay attention?

To select a quality coat, you need to know a few little secrets: Pay attention to the details. Qualitative thing is to have a perfect seams, lining and accessories.

That thing was worn longer, follow all recommendations given on the label. Coats can not be erased, it can only be cleaned in dry cleaning.

How to choose a good coat, perfectly sitting on a figure?

Pay attention to the length. Long product will look good on tall, slender man, poor man, it would make even less. Long coat looks very stylish, but it is quite impractical - can quickly become dirty from below, as it is inconvenient to drive a car.

Truncated coat suitable for people of low and medium height, it goes well with a business suit. Also, the average length of selected young people. How to choose a men's coat, which will sit perfectly even on non-standard figure?

How to choose a coat of the man: the model, color, material?

You can always make the product according to their standards in the studio. The main thing - to find the good stuff and professional tailor. It is important to choose the size. Good coat does not restrict movement, but does not hang.