What to bring to Egypt from clothes

A trip to Egypt requires carefully consider that most of the clothing is necessary.

It is advisable to adhere to two basic rules: do not take a trip extra stuff to carry with them no additional weight, which is so and will not be unpacked. But we should not forget those articles of clothing, without which it simply can not do on the trip.

There is one more thing in this journey - usually from a tourist trip to this country brought a lot of gifts, of gifts for their loved ones. When choosing clothes for a trip, do not forget that on the way back your luggage is sure to become bulkier. Keep in mind the place of your stay and time of year.

Clothes for rest at the seaside

You'll need shoes for protection against a variety of coral formations on the coast. Right-matched protection for the feet, flip-flops or sandals, save you from possible cuts and abrasions.

Clothing with long sleeves protect you from the scorching Egyptian sun. It is best to take with light tunics and pinafores. It should be borne in mind that you may need and insulated clothes, because the country's deserts are relatively large temperature fluctuations.

What to bring to Egypt from clothes

Such climatic surprises are likely in the period from November to March. During winter cooling possible peak falls on January. During the day, the January afternoon can be quite hot, but in the evening the temperature usually drops rapidly. The temperature of 15 degrees does not allow to walk lightweight sundress. Going on holiday in Egypt at this time, do not forget to bring a light jacket or windbreaker and sweatshirt.

Egyptian winter brings with it the frequent winds. Resort Hurghada is windy especially in winter.

Beach lovers should take into account such features of the weather and remember the temperature contrasts on the beach. During his stay on the sun lounger simply burn, but the rise instantly felt the cold air flow.

What to bring to Egypt from clothes

T-shirts with long sleeves, hoodies, longslivy or light cardigans handy in order to feel comfortable. On a cool evening in handy jacket made of thick fabric or windbreaker. From shoes comfortable shoes are recommended.

Clothing for active recreation

Egypt - the perfect place to relax fans with active bias. Large selection of different types of leisure activities in this category implies careful selection of clothes.

What to bring to Egypt from clothes

usefulness to special equipment in such a case is obvious. Adherents Moto safari is advisable to take along sweaters and sweater with a high collar and necessary items to protect against the ingress of dust into the eyes and face. Best suited arafatki. Sunglasses are meant itself.

Clothing for

For those who prefer water sports and relaxing stay on the beach, be sure to take a swimsuit, a pair of beach robes, shorts, flip-flops spare. One must have a hat for protection from the sun's rays. Wide-brimmed hat, panama, cap useful to you in any situation and at any time of the year.

What to bring to Egypt from clothes

Even at the resort sometimes you want to spend an evening in a decent restaurant or visit the Museum of the solid. It is not necessary to conduct an entire wardrobe of clothes for the evening receptions or social events, but the dress and a pair of closed shoes come in handy on this trip.

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Children Clothing

When traveling with children to follow the general rule should not be. Let the best stock of shorts, T-shirts, T-shirts, socks remain not fully used, than you will come across a situation where your daze not enough change of clothes.

When choosing clothes for a child, you should not also focus on the season, to every whim of weather does not make you worry about his health.