Sofas with cougar mechanism

Sofas with cougar mechanism

A good bed should be comfortable and reliable, practical and functional. These characteristics directly influence the mechanism of transformation, which is equipped with a sofa bed.

Ease of use and durability is different from the couch cougar mechanism.

Note that sofas in which the transformation function is provided, is divided into two types:

  1. 1. Universal - differ possibility of permanent use as a sleeping place;
  2. 2 guest - are less reliable than the first type, so they are not recommended for use as a bed on a regular basis.

A sofa with a cougar mechanism, no doubt, belongs to the universal type. This is due to its high durability and long service life. At the expense of ease of use, they are well equipped with beds role.

The principle of operation of such upholstered furniture is very simple, therefore, any man, not putting much effort will be able to turn it into a bed. First, you need to find a hidden niche, provided in front of the sofa. Followed by its lift slightly, then pull over. As a result, the seat will slide forward and in its original location will be another element of design.

The advantages of this layout mechanism

Sofa with the mechanism of the cougar is characterized by many "pros", among which the following deserve special attention:


  • high performance - provides an independent spring system, which prevents a rapid deterioration;
  • a comfortable bed - "cougars", unlike other mechanisms dealt with in such a way that in the end it turns out a flat bed;
  • reliability - bed is equipped with enhanced "foot" condition for safe operation of the sofa;
  • the absence of a roller mechanism - provides the ability to eliminate mechanical damage to the floor covering (laminate parquet, linoleum).

Corner sofa against direct: which one is better?

Corner sofas, folding mechanism with the help of a puma, gained a lot of popularity. They perfectly fit into any space, becoming the worthy decoration of the interior.

Among the major drawbacks to the same direct sofas transformation mechanism including lack box intended for blankets, cushions, sheets and the like. D. The angulation this defect can be corrected due to the lateral sections which is built special storage space. This makes this piece of furniture even more functional. Direct sofas usually are small in size, so do not take up much space. Corner same structure, on the contrary, seem quite cumbersome.

Choosing one or another structural design, first of all, it is necessary to evaluate the room in which you plan to install a sofa. For example, the nursery is right for a more compact and reliable option - direct sofa.

He will preserve precious square footage that the child had a place to play. In addition, it is more secure and durable piece of furniture, so the parents will not be cause for concern, even if the child decides to check it, jumping on it.

In cases when it is required to furnish the living room, more acceptable option corner sofa, which fit more people. It looks more presentable, so to cope not only with its intended purpose, but also with the function of decoration. At night, it can be easily expanded, giving its guests the night.