How do I know what kind of fitness is right for you?

The complex program of modern sports fitness clubs is extremely diverse. And sometimes just get lost in such a huge variety, not knowing exactly what to opt for.

To not have to give up and cease to engage in a workout of your choice after the first lesson - it is important that the type of physical activity not only is compatible with the body, but also came under your character, and you had the soul.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle

From daily 7-8 hours of intense and prolonged work at the computer in the first place affected muscles of the legs and neck, which leans forward. In addition, if you are drowning in a desk chair, it falls lower back, so there is a slouch, but it is fraught with violation of posture.

How do I know what kind of fitness is right for you?

To list the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle can be a very long time, but I'd rather focus on how to avoid all of these problems with the help of fitness.

How do I know what kind of fitness is right for you?

If first you do not engage in any kind of physical activity, you'd better start with swimming, walking, water aerobics, yoga or Pilates.

These are the techniques that will help to develop endurance, establish the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, strengthen the back muscles, prevent stagnation of blood in the pelvic region, to develop hips and spine.

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If you are forced to stand for long periods

A few hours in the vertical position for the person - it's a huge challenge. First of all, suffer the natural curves of the spine, and secondly, in the leg muscles deteriorating venous blood flow, which leads to its stagnation, and then to edema.

In this case, the best option for you will be classes on a stationary bike, jogging, walking, aerobics, dancing, skiing.

How do I know what kind of fitness is right for you?

Swimming is most useful, because due to movements in the water - stretches the spine and massage the muscles occurs. Inverted postures of yoga can help ease the blood flow to the legs.

You walk a lot

Despite the fact that walking is useful and constantly recommended by many doctors, it may hurt when her immoderate use. Especially, if you instead of sneakers uncomfortable and heavy shoes, and in the hands of more and more bags.

Our spine that gets uneven load, as well as joints and muscles - not fond of long walks, but in this case, the most tired of eggs, and the severity of the burden of suffering still neck and shoulders.

This situation is not hearsay familiar couriers and postmen, passing daily walk several kilometers.

As for exercise, you'd better opt for those species where most of the movement is performed lying or sitting on the floor. The best option would Pilates, shaping, yoga and callanetics.

How do I know what kind of fitness is right for you?

Try to avoid strength training, especially with the big weight, but if you are going to pump up or strengthen thigh, instead of squats, leg presses will help you in the simulator.

If you are engaged in heavy physical labor

As in the previous case, your job - that's no reason to give up more training, the more that your case, physical activity should be aimed at relaxing your muscles.

The fact is that when digging, for example, a bed or unloading cars - our body casing assumes a heavy load, which is distributed unevenly on it. As a result, it will sooner or later lead to muscle imbalance that threatens the violation of posture and the shift position of the pelvis.

Therefore the main task of fitness in your case - is to remove stress from the joints and muscles. Balance obtained by you on the work load at the same time strengthen and relax muscles help swimming, Pilates, Callanetics as well as yoga.

You'd better forget about such kinds of sports where the right arm or leg is actively left - this applies to football, tennis, boxing, etc...