Tips on how to whiten skin

Until now, white skin is considered the most beautiful among the vast majority of the world's population. For protection from the sun is used mass cosmetics, wide-brimmed hats and veils.

But if the skin has a yellowish or reddish tinge, it is possible as that to correct this unfortunate misunderstanding. Of course, at this time there are lots of methods for improving and whitening skin.

The bleaching agent

If you have a habit to visit the beauty salon, you can ask a specialist for ultrasonic skin whitening using whitening serums. Ultrasonic waves are scraped off the top, "incorrect" skin layer.

Skin truly magically transforms, it becomes light, clean, smooth, and most importantly - taut and tender. The only condition - to find a qualified specialist. Also helps with skin imperfections ultrasound therapy apparatus.

Tips on how to whiten skin

When I wish to make a radical bleaching, the direct path to the plastic surgeon. It can offer tools such as microdermabrasion - skin sanding with fine sand and oxygen, deep peeling on the basis of fruit acids or laser resurfacing.

Cons operation - a complete ban on tanning for a certain amount of time, the use of an expensive protective cosmetics and a variety of treatments to restore skin protective properties. But leave wrinkles thanks to this procedure, and the effect will be "lifting".

Skin Whitening at home

If you do not want to go to a beauty salon or go under the surgeon's knife can whiten your skin at home, using special creams (they should be applied to the skin on a daily basis). However, care should be taken to the choice of such a bleaching agent, because you can buy creams with the addition of mercury or bismuth! Such cosmetics should contain vitamin C, cucumber extract or cassia, arbutin and kojic acid. Plus, it is that it inhibits formation of pigment (especially suitable for naughty freckles) and takes care of the skin itself.

Tips on how to whiten skin

On sale is a bleaching enzyme or mechanical scrubs, skin cells first "dissolved", the latter is cleaned. They can be used no more than once a week, if you have oily skin may be half board weekly use.

For lovers of all natural can offer a lot of funds for whitening, which are composed of natural ingredients. Very well proven parsley juice, cucumber and lemon.

Masks can be based on grated cucumbers, beeswax, honey lemon tangled and peach oil (with the addition of castor oil). Good skin responds to scrubs, compiled on the basis of semolina and buckwheat chaff. You can use the milled almonds or hazelnuts.

And also take note of the advice of our grandmothers, who has long been known that food can influence the body odor and color - they advised in black tea and coffee by adding milk.