Masks for dry hair and washing instructions

How can you describe a woman's beauty? This harmony of a beautiful body, combined with the well-groomed face, luxurious thick hair and inner radiance.

Only when the inner peace and outer beauty come together from such a woman is not possible to look away.

Any woman will flatter the excitement that men experience when her eyes. Fluids beauty that radiates well-groomed woman, able to encourage feats and great discoveries, to conquer his appeal of strong and independent representatives of the stronger sex, making them a caring and gentle.

But if nature gave women a powerful weapon, do not direct its duty of care, care to care about appearance and carefully take care of their health and beauty? Women - idols of men's hearts, its task - to be beautiful.

Masks for dry hair and washing instructions

Gorgeous hair is always considered wealth, luxury and pride of women. But what if one of the components of beauty for some reason loses its appeal - they have become dull, dry, brittle, luster faded, appeared posechennye tips.

Morning prichosyvanie turned into a fight with unruly curls forever be confused that it is impossible to put in my hair.

Do not despair, the mask for dry hair, based on natural ingredients, it is intended for the treatment and recovery of your hair. Do not you believe in miracles?

Then try to buy usma and save on household hair masks, using available products that are stored in your refrigerator. It is quite possible! Regularly using a mask, you return the lost hair beauty and health.

The main causes of dry hair

Masks for dry hair and washing instructions

Hereditary, age or environmental cause dryness will not talk - they do not depend on the woman.

But the main reasons are insufficient or improper care and careless attitude to your hair:

  • daily styling,
  • frequent perms and coloring,
  • effects of hot irons,
  • curling iron, hair dryer;
  • the abuse of bad habits - smoking, alcohol;
  • hormonal disturbances that occur without treatment;
  • the use of fatty foods, unbalanced diet, lack in the diet of vegetables and cereals;
  • preferred flavored, bright and cheap means: shampoos, conditioners, masks;
  • overreliance sunbathing.

If your choice - a luxury, health, shine, and you do not want to measure the problem, then do is to conclusions, go rescue the health of their curls, and a mask for dry hair will be a good helper to achieve the goal.

Recipes home masks for dry hair

Of course, to go to the store and buy ready-made mask - it's simple, but not always store components masks are natural or approach your hair. It is much cheaper and more effective - prepared their own mask for dry hair, where any component you pick yourself.

Masks for dry hair and washing instructions

Egg mask with yogurt

The usefulness and goodies yogurt has long been known, but the hair is the perfect product. By combining 50 g of natural yogurt with an egg and carefully whisking get amazingly spectacular moisturizing and nourishing mask, which is maintained on hair for 15-20 minutes, then wash off.

Honey mask

Honey - an ideal product for medical cosmetics. The mask for dry hair based on it soften and moisturize the hair, restoring their strength and shine. Dissolve the oil in the spoon (vegetable, olive) egg yolk, 10 g of a white henna, 10 g of the ridge and a spoonful of honey. The mixture was put on hair, not forgetting the roots, leave for 20-40 minutes. Mix equal proportions of burdock oil, honey and aloe juice, rub the mask into the scalp. Time of exposure - 1, 5 hours.

Kefir wrap (warm)

Warm kefir or yogurt (37-40 degrees) promazhte hair, spreading over the entire length. Using your fingertips, slowly and massage your scalp. Cover cap with cellophane wrap and a towel. Keep at least half an hour. This mask for dry hair has a regenerating, moisturizing effect and prevents hair breakage.

Masks for dry hair and washing instructions

Beer mask for shiny gloss

Vitamins contained in the beer products - a panacea for hair, they restore the structure, stimulate the skin, give your hair a radiant shine.

The mask for dry and brittle hair, video:

Remember, only you can help your hair. Proper care, respect, natural masks, you return them to the beauty, splendor and radiance.