What is a pedicure and how it is made?

Apparatus pedicure - processing method toenails by a mechanical device, which equipment includes a large number of different types of nozzles.

The device is completely safe for human health and allows you to perform a quality pedicure in a short period of time.

procedures for implementation technology with the help of the machine

Regardless of the type of pedicure and method of its execution, should begin with the softening of the skin of feet. Carrying out the processing procedure of nail plates on the legs by a mechanical device, permits not steaming with water. As emollients, experts recommend the use of special creams and lotions.

Professional cosmetics makes it possible not only to prepare the foot to the treatment, but also to disinfect the skin that plays far not the most important role.

The second step of the procedure is basic. On its foot step and the skin around the nail plates processed via nozzles bundled with the device.

Device for hardware pedicure includes several milling nozzles. Some are designed to handle corns and hard skin of the feet, while others are made in the form of a roll and are ideal for the necessary procedures in the peri-ungual area.

What is a pedicure and how it is made?

For the cuticle in the set has a special small nozzle small quantities. To make the nail plate the desired shape, the set includes special tweezers. Final nail correction and grinding the surface thereof is realized by applying the nozzle of white stone. When working with this type of instrument should be to exercise caution, since it is considered to be traumatic.

Then, on the toenails applied varnish or gel to choose from. Buy the entire range of materials for manicure and a pedicure, you can http://kodi-prof.ru/ on site.

What is a pedicure and how it is made?

For beginners to masters, experts recommend to put speed mode with a minimum speed, so the risk of microtrauma to get reduced to a minimum.

After the processing of all types of feet and nail plates pedicure device hardware need to remove surplus cosmetic product applied with a paper towel or napkin. The remnants of the softened leather soles of the feet are removed with a special nozzle.

At the final step procedure experts recommend fix the result by way of creams, gels or masks for legs. Beauticians are advised to give preference to paraffin mask, after the application of which is necessary to put special socks, characterized by high density.

What is a pedicure and how it is made?

Indications for hardware procedure

Pedicure, performed with the help of mechanical devices, can cope with a lot of common problems. First of all, it shows people with microtrauma following:

  1. Cracks on the feet. The process begins with the cutting edges of the wound, then it is necessary to polish them with a special nozzle. The inner cavity to be processed curative disinfectant composition, having a healing effect.
  2. Ingrown nails. Hardware pedicure can solve the problem painlessly and without the use of anesthetics. However, experts strongly recommend not to deal with this problem at home as you can carry infection when removing ingrown toenails. It is better to provide this type of work by professional artists.
  3. The thriving nail. Nail plate took nonstandard enlarged dimensions, can be corrected, and removed if necessary with a special tool, the supplied mechanical device. At the end of the nail plate attachment procedure polished white stone.

Hardware pedicure, video: