Tips for men, how to expand your basic wardrobe

There is a difference between simply adding items to your wardrobe, and its extension.

By extension it is meant that you do not stay within the style, given a basic wardrobe. Enlargement - the movement to new images that are not familiar to you earlier.

The bottom line is that in the end you will be able to take any "basic" thing, and replace it with something else. As a result, the expansion of the wardrobe only one thing will significantly expand the number of available images to you.

If your closet has only jeans and a shirt with the purchase of new things in the first place, pay attention to sport coats and blazers. When you have a blazer, replace some jeans trousers.

Tips for men, how to expand your basic wardrobe

The same principle proceed further, do not forget to update and underwear, which can buy here. As a result, basic wardrobe-style Casual gradually turn into something more severe. And most importantly - you will still be available both style!

Tips for men, how to expand your basic wardrobe

The same works in reverse. If you have a lot of costumes, woolen trousers and blazers rigorous, can be slightly diluted with a wardrobe a couple of blazers and jeans. Thus, a strict business style will turn to Smart Casual. Again, you will be available two styles instead of one.

When expanding wardrobe constantly are only two rules:

Every new thing is to reveal to you a number of features from other styles; Each new item must be combined with the fact that you already have.

The uniqueness of using parts

Let's imagine some completely neutral, the typical city dweller outfit: let it be dark jeans and a white (possibly with a light pattern) shirt.

It is quite typical, is not it?

But no one goes out of the house, wearing only the two above things. he is likely to put on shoes and belt, the addition may make a jacket and a couple of accessories. Of course, do not forget about the underwear, choose from the coolest option is possible here.

Tips for men, how to expand your basic wardrobe

In fact, the same belt can dramatically change the look of the shirt, and jeans. A narrow black belt can be replaced by a brown, with eye-catching buckle. Similarly we proceed with the shoes. As a result, the same jeans with jacket can be used in two different images, by replacing parts accentuating

It is the small details and make your unique style.

to Here is a complete list of things that can be used as accentuating

  • Ties;
  • A pocket handkerchiefs (such can look out of the breast pocket of a jacket or a jacket);
  • Jewelry & Watches (watches, tie clips, necklaces, rings, cuff links, etc...);
  • belts (normal, woven or smooth skin, from other tissues, different buckles, etc...);
  • Shoes (for at least one representative from several different styles);
  • Outer garments (coats, hats, gloves, and so on. N.).

All of these things will be the main tool for turning the base of the male wardrobe into something really worthwhile and fully expresses your personal taste.

Notwithstanding the principle of interchangeability in the locker room can present a couple of things so sharply beyond the broad framework. For example, variegated corduroy pants are combined is not any horse, but this does not mean that need to get rid of them. Do not forget the beautiful and stylish men's underwear, which you will find at

Tips for men, how to expand your basic wardrobe

simply refers to such things as to accentuate and combine them with the things of neutral colors (gray, for example). Too many parts at the same time accentuating the wear is not necessary.

In most cases, a good image consists of two things from the base of the wardrobe, and a couple of accentuating things. The more accentuating the details you apply, the more unique your image will be. As already mentioned, do not overdo it with accents - if you have a lot of accessories, it does not mean you have to dress them all in several layers.

Tips for men, how to expand your basic wardrobe