Where, how and with what to wear Italian pants culottes

Business meeting:

Back in the thirties of the Italian designer Elsa Skiparelli beginning of the active promotion of this type of clothing.

Paradoxically, it was the first rival of Coco Chanel, who just idolized sports a stylish fashion, using this style in their collections.

Although together they would be much easier and faster to increase the population of Pantaloons. And live these talented ladies today, they would have attended business meetings in these pants. And my knees are closed, and the appearance of solid business lady may not seem so tough.

Working time:

These pants are in harmony with the snow-white blouse and shoes strict style can perfectly fit into the office dress - code. Any woman in these trousers will be advantageous to look among office colleagues. Of shoes you can wear high heels, ballet flats or boots classic men's style in 'Oxford'.

Romantic date:

Where, how and with what to wear Italian pants culottes

This unusual style of pants that can wear, girls and women with almost any form of figures. Person of small stature can apply a style like sports. If you choose clothes top close fitting cut and put on high-heeled shoes, these trousers will become a luxury holiday skirt. And the created image will become unique.

Walk with friends:

In the twentieth century, this part of the female wardrobe was considered as an element of the tennis sport form, its worn, combining with a T-shirt - polo shirts and sneakers. To date, such as sports shoes worthy complement this kind of clothing.

Where, how and with what to wear Italian pants culottes

If anyone - that suddenly seem that a combination of clothing is not suitable for everyday style, let him try on the park or jacket - black leather jackets. The image with this combination is perfect for a bold everyday life.

A visit to the exhibition:

Where, how and with what to wear Italian pants culottes

Many people believe that in such a cultural place as a museum should come elegant. If you plan to visit showrooms, why not go there in the guise of artistic muse.

Gently flowing dress - bright colors and delicate stud, of course, a great modification. But what if you turn back in the sixties and seventies of the year? Blouse with a graphic pattern, loose-fitting culottes and shoes Western style will look favorably in the aura of painting by famous artists.

In the holiday:

An excellent option for your holidays become widely Italian pants thin denim with topom delicate bluish tone. This costume accessories clothes will be easy variation to travel on any mode of transport, be it plane, train or car. This type of kit will not cramp, and compress traffic, such as jeans, and indeed in the image will be viewed aristocratic elegance and taste of the upcoming adventure. On reaching the place of rest, you can remove shoes and wear light sandals or mules, at a sustainable heels became popular in the spring season - summer.

Where, how and with what to wear Italian pants culottes

Those who came into vogue since the beginning of the twentieth century trousers - Pantaloons now again returned to the fashion catwalks.

Masters of design every season exposed a lot of trendy collections and the wide trousers continue to gain popularity. Each female person can pick up to your taste and color, this stylish article of clothing.