Basic care for oily hair

A lot of problems delivering their owners of greasy hair. Strands are quickly spoiled, look dirty, glued, unkempt.

In addition, the hair needs frequent washing and chlorinated water adversely affects the health of shag. The more often a woman washes her head, the faster the dirty hair.

Having entered into a vicious circle of struggle with fat hair, it is very difficult to get rid of the habit of daily washing. As a result, hair becomes thinner, dried up and that absolutely sad look sloppy.

What is the treatment for oily hair type to prefer?

Basic care for oily hair

The most effective way to solve the problem is a visit to the doctor-trichologist, but such experts are not taken in the municipal clinics. It has to go to pay medical institutions.

Do not rush to spend money on counseling! Try to cope with hair-fat, combining to care cosmetics and folk remedies. By the way, "his grandmother's recipes" sometimes even more effective professional cosmetic products.

Home care recommendations oily hair

First, pay close attention to the shampoo that you regularly wash your hair. A good shampoo should not be washed "squeaky"! Quality product regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands, resulting in hair slowly become fat.

Basic care for oily hair

will likely have to try a few different cleansers before you will be able to choose the right shampoo your mane.

Most balms-conditioners relentlessly heavier strands. But without them it can not be too, otherwise the hair is very difficult to comb. Without balm tangled strands, and quickly get dirty with him.

For oily hair conventional means are not appropriate, rescue balm in spray. It looks this product as a nutritional liquid placed in the spray bottle. But do not spray spray directly on the hair!

Resort to a little trick: spray means to massage the comb-brush. In this case, low flow spray-balm we achieve ease of styling and hair and stay clean.

Care for oily hair balm

Basic care for oily hair

and brown-haired brunettes very helpful to rinse strands decoction of oak bark. Tannins contained in medicinal bark, a beneficial effect on the scalp, speaking a natural regulator of the sebaceous glands.

The recipe is simple. To prepare the decoction, we need a tablespoon of bark per liter of water.

Bring to boiling, remove from heat, insist hour and filtered through a strainer. Add a drop of the essential oil of rosemary and tablespoon cider vinegar (6%), and the product is ready for consumption. It's best to rinse hair, leaning over the basin.

Cosmetic clay for oily hair

Basic care for oily hair

faithful helper in the fight against fat head of hair will be cosmetic clay. Clay mask is very easy to cook at home, as well as face masks.

To one portion of the mask on the strands of medium length require a bag of blue clay, egg and boiled water (or broth oak bark, if any).

Breed clay water in shallow dish until the consistency of sour cream, add egg, stir well. Add a few drops of any essential oil to mask smelled nice, and applied to the roots.

We put on a cellophane cap and wash off with lukewarm water after twenty minutes. In any case it is impossible to wash away the clay hot water: chicken protein will fold, and it will be very difficult to remove.