Tips how to dress a full women to be netorazimymi

Many women can not boast of a perfect figure, which is imposed on glossy magazines and TV.

But what about the woman who by virtue of natural data can not wear skinny stuff shy of the figure? Every woman wants to be attractive and it is natural. Even with a curvaceous girl can look like a million, only a qualitative need to pick up clothes.

Hiding their shape, women try to hide itself behind shapeless dresses, what to do is not recommended.


In the current situation it is necessary to draw attention to the merits, emphasizing their right. This will help you properly fitted jewelry, neckline and makeup. The color of clothing is best to choose calm. And no horizontal stripes!

In short stature Home - visually stretch the silhouette. This will correctly selected blouse. If select short, it must be above the protruding points on the hips to 5 centimeters. For long blouses acts the same rule, but in the opposite direction. 5 centimeters below the protruding points. To choose a blouse skirt maxi, midi or Capri pants.

The ideal embodiment will be free in the wardrobe cardigan knee.

Now more about the problem areas.

Confuse the thighs and buttocks? In this case, the emphasis should be on the upper part of the body is the chest and shoulders. No tapered skirts and pants. Priority classic skirt and skirt - bottoms, as well as trousers, flared towards the bottom complete with a fitted jacket. In your clothes large size clothes should still be attractive to make you feminine and desirable.

Tips how to dress a full women to be netorazimymi

your stomach a little more desirable? Should look at the classic trousers. It is also a good option would be a skirt-sun and skirt with scalloped wedges.

Clothing mainly light in the center and dark sides. For this purpose, capes, scarves and waistcoats length to mid-thigh.

Those with full legs should avoid bright tights. Choosing to bronze and black tights with skirts below the knee. And be sure heeled shoes with pointed toe. Excluded boots to mid-calf and a thin pin.

No waist? No problem! In this case, the choice will fall on the shirt and loose pants.

What to wear to the office?

As for the office clothes, there are a lot of imagination is not necessary. Ideal combination of black and gray. And not to be bored in the gray days, can be diluted with all beads or handbag, the main thing is not eye-catching colors.

But here it is necessary to stick to the main rules of combinatorics. Hands full or broad shoulders mean dark blouse or vest (jacket), and the volume of the thighs are well hide black pants or skirt sun.


No need to cut the figure of a contrasting clothes. Short jackets tend to be chosen to match the main suit / dress. Your companion must accept you as a whole. If you wanted to contrast - choose options elongated outerwear. Very good looking woman dressing in fashionable, designer boutiques. However, even this does not help some. There is a category of people, which is devoid of a sense of style and you can not even try to explain to them how it would be better. A person can be at an impasse and do not know where to go?

In this case, there is always a cheat sheet: special sites and online stores that publish plus - size bows. In any case, if you wish, you can find a place for the development of a sense of style and find their direction in clothes.

Of course, an important part of the wardrobe is a corrective underwear and tights. Without them, all efforts will come to naught.

Do not be afraid to experiment and you will succeed!

Remember, if you're not a model, it does not mean that you need to look inward and stick ice cream offense. You are loved and complexes - a lack of confidence, which can be neutralized by choosing the right clothes.