How to care for eyelashes at home

How to care for eyelashes at home

is almost impossible to meet a representative of the fair sex, who would not want to have long, thick and luxurious lashes, which would be battling on the spot men.

But, unfortunately, such an effect on the opposite sex is difficult to achieve, if you have the nature of a pretty short and sparse eyelashes. Thick and long lashes are able to give our view of the expressiveness and charm with the beauty of others.

Until recently, when a rare, almost invisible eyelashes only helps build-up, which could be either poresnichno or sheaf, and just planted on strips of adhesive. If you come across a good, responsible and professional master, then the result may please you from one to four weeks.

How to care for eyelashes at home

But if you are not lucky with the specialist, the results are disappointing, and sometimes even introduced into despair when his eyelashes hardly remained after the removal of the artificial. Plus, the extended eyelashes look naturally not the best, and sometimes even vulgar! Not so long ago in the beauty market has seen a variety of tools that can be used at home, promote the growth of eyelashes, their strengthening and density.

Such agents act on eyelashes bulb, causing its rapid growth that after prolonged use leads to beautiful and lush cilia, framing your eyes. Here is a link where you can buy such a tool.

Care for lashes home

How to care for eyelashes at home


The first thing you should pay attention to the care of eyelashes - hygiene. If you use decorative cosmetics, such as mascara, do not forget every day before bedtime to wash off makeup person.

If you do not do this, the pores clogged with dirt, and lashes with mascara applied to them, not only to get dirty you bedding, but damage while you sleep.

How to care for eyelashes at home

The best way to remove mascara with eyelash not with soap and water, because it can cause irritation of the eyes, and special make-up removers for oil-based. This means not only thoroughly clean the skin, but it will not be dry.

Oils for the care of eyelashes

To cilia grew faster and looked nice and thick, it is important to use than the usual washing facilities, feeding them. An excellent embodiment in this case will be different oils, such as castor or burdock.

How to care for eyelashes at home

to put it on the night of the eyelashes special brush, which can be taken from an old carcass, pre-clearing.

Within a few weeks you will notice a tangible result.


In the care of eyelashes includes choosing the right makeup, which directly affects their condition. When using substandard or expired products, you risk not only get an allergic reaction, but also cause loss of eyelashes.

Choose only proven brands of mascara and other cosmetics that have been tested for hypoallergenic and safe to use.

How to care for eyelashes at home

I hope that today's tips will help you find the lashes of your dreams!