Castor oil for hair care

To date, the development of modern cosmetology level is quite high, but the means cooked at home based on natural ingredients, still does not lose its popularity, but rather are used by more and more women.

The whole point of a low degree of allergenicity, unlike the factory cosmetics. Moreover, in the home is much faster to prepare and carry out any mask or scrub than it is to go to the same procedures in professional beauty salons.

One of the most effective and well-known natural remedies for hair care in the home is considered to be castor oil.

It is made from the seeds of plants of the family Euphorbiaceae - castor bean, which grows mainly in the eastern part of Africa.

Currently, the castor oil is present in the composition of many natural cosmetics. In its pure form it pushes many people to their pharmacy smell, however, this problem can be solved by adding the essential oils in it.

Castor oil for hair care

In addition, because of its density and ductility such means hardly washed away from the hair, but it is accessible to all and is actually a great benefit both by the hair because the scalp. However, the advantage of castor oil is considered to be its long shelf life - up to 2 years. The same as coconut oil - it can even be open, without losing its core of its properties.

Castor oil for hair care

Useful properties of castor oil

In cosmetology castor oil is a high value because of the huge contained ricinoleic acid promotes recovery and mitigation of the epidermis, as well as stimulation of the blood circulation in the tissue.

In the manufacture of the tool is also added to oleic, linoleic and palm fatty components. The active components of the oil can penetrate deep into the hair bulb, thereby stimulating the production of keratin, known for its reinforcing properties as well as provoking an intensive hair growth.

When peeling and symptoms of dry dandruff use of this tool is able to perfectly moisturize the scalp. The high concentration of acid - is the main advantage of castor oil, which, when used regularly, will cure dry, brittle and damaged hair and give them strength and shine.

Masks for hair growth

Castor oil for hair care

The castor oil should be mixed with pepper tincture, taking both ingredients in equal proportions. The resulting mass apply to massage the hair roots, and then wrap your head with a towel for a couple of hours. To achieve the result, repeat the procedure at least 2 times a week. Mask for hair growth

Firming Mask

30 ml of oil to be mixed with one egg yolk and 10 ml of honey and an equal weight of lemon juice. The resulting weight is applied to the hair for 30 minutes.


In equal proportions mixed castor oil and calendula tincture. The resulting mixture was vigorously rub into the scalp and rinse off after only 20 minutes.

BATH hair loss

Castor oil should be mixed with the juice squeezed from onions to enhance the therapeutic effect can be added to the weight of the pulp of aloe. This means you need to stand on your head for about an hour.

Rinse such means is not possible without the use of hot water, using a shampoo for greasy hair.