Choose jewelry with stones and learn to distinguish diamond from zircon

When choosing gold earrings with emeralds, few people think that a stone is this, what properties it possesses, and yet the minerals are capable of more than just carry the visual beauty of its owner.

In general, when choosing products with stones should pay attention to several features.

What you need to consider when choosing a stone?

More often than not choose a stone for the zodiac signs. This method is most simple, because this way you can not only buy jewelry for themselves, but also to buy a gift for dear people.

Choose jewelry with stones and learn to distinguish diamond from zircon

In addition, it is possible to study the properties of rocks and purposefully choose a product with a specific mineral.

In the simplest cases, jewelers recommend just to see the catalog and select the product from the stone, which for some reason will be the most attractive, it can be done here.

Mineral thus should be clean, without cracks, notches and scratches. Stones with high density must be well polished and transparent minerals must have the correct cut.

Natural or artificial stone, to a greater or lesser degree has the energy that he is credited with, especially if the mineral carrier believes it.

How to visually distinguish a diamond from zircon jewelry?

Choose jewelry with stones and learn to distinguish diamond from zircon

It's pretty easy and simple to buy diamond earrings and become the owner of the wonderful products with a real expensive mineral. Is it possible to be absolutely sure that it is a diamond, and not zircon was used in this jewelry?

One of the easiest ways to use light. It is necessary to bring the product to a diamond to the light. Point iridescent blue sheen will talk about that in the article used a real diamond, it's a feature class cut A.

Even a slight tint in the mineral should be alert, because the natural diamond is the absolute absence of color. Cut this diamond is very sharp, the edges are sharp, zircon similar faceting does not withstand.

Other methods require resistance from its owner, because they can damage the mineral. Hydrochloric acid does not harm the diamond, while the zircon will stain.