Choosing a stylish wallet

Your wallet looks does not matter, he scuffed sides and on its original color can only guess? it is difficult to part with a favorite thing, but it's time to change it for a new one!

Modern manufacturers give us such a wide selection of all kinds of purses, that sometimes you can just get confused by the abundance of models, colors, prices.

The lack of a purse in both women and men, like the crash, because this is the accessory that is considered to be a necessity. Purse is a faithful companion everywhere and without it simply can not do.

How to choose the perfect purse or wallet?

first, to which you should pay attention when choosing this accessory, it is the material from which it is made. To carry money, payment cards, travel in a clothing pocket is not only very convenient, but also simply undignified.

But the purse is not only helps to keep the money, business cards and some documents are in order, but also a very important part of the style element. Therefore, the purchase should only quality products, it is desirable made of well-tanned leather and expensive modern furniture.

Choosing a stylish wallet

You can buy purse made of leather, which will serve you faithfully for many years, and can just throw your money away, determined to save and buy a model from Color Options.

second - is the price.

Do not pursue openly cheapest option, as they are not only short-lived, but do not look presentable.

Where to buy?

To save money, I advise you to buy a purse online store as a salesman doing the minimum margin on the goods, due to the fact that the chain of buyer-seller intermediaries are excluded.

How to wear a wallet?

You should not carry a purse in the outer, visible pockets of clothing. This is not only aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, but the chance of losing expensive thing becomes higher. It is best to wear it in a bag or the inside pocket, if the purse is compact and flat.

Types purses

The most compact and miniature embodiment can be called - cardholders. only a few notes, and cards can be stored in it.

Another of the options is a compact clip for money. A great way to accurately carry cash, especially when you do not have with him the bag, so it can easily be placed into an inside pocket. There are also more solid options wallets, such as models with one or two bends, which can accommodate not only the bill but a trifle, a variety of plastic cards, business cards and more.

Choosing a stylish wallet

And the most "major" by the representative of holding money is the purse.

This kind of wallet is characterized by the fact that the bill includes it in the expanded, that is, not in a folded state.

For example, here you can buy the coolest purse which will satisfy even the most demanding individuals.

The only disadvantage of this accessory is that it can not be hidden in a small secret pocket. But the purse is ideal for business man or business woman who strive for conservative business style.