Top 10 mistakes in manicure

Certainly each of us at least once in his life had to make yourself a manicure at home.

It may seem that this procedure is quite simple and does not require much effort and specific skills in its implementation. However, it is not. So I decided today to list the ten most common mistakes in manicure.


Perhaps for many, this process is quite tedious, so not every one of us can find the patience to wait for the end.

However, even if the varnish dried out enough, in any case, should refrain from taking a warm shower. Even a few minutes the water treatments contribute to the fact that the coating on the nails may soften and then even swell. Better to take a shower before the procedure, then you do not have to redo manicure.

DRYING varnish and bedtime

There is a widespread belief that it takes no more than twenty minutes, but it is also a mistake to completely dry. The time necessary to spend a lot more. But you can use the little tricks and devices for manicure and drying, which can be found on Nails Mania.

Top 10 mistakes in manicure

If you decide to perform a manicure before going to sleep, then do not go immediately to his bed, or the coating can be easily damaged, leaving no traces of the dry varnish of the laundry.

The same applies to domestic duties, such as cleaning, washing or dishwashing.

If you do not have the time, the experts advise to wait at least three minutes after the procedure, and then immerse the hands briefly in cold, running water. Thus the varnish hardens faster and your beautiful manicure is already nothing will threaten.


Often, many of them ignore what they are doing nothing. Such means provides a protection for manicure, and the quality and durability of its toes. To increase the efficiency of the fixing cover, it is recommended daily apply a new layer on the nail plate. Thus lacquer base will not fade ahead of time, and will not be chipped off.


Top 10 mistakes in manicure

This point is quite important stage. Such a coating is needed as protect your nails from harmful chemicals contained in the varnish.

Furthermore, all the irregularities are smoothed out, and therefore, your nail polish is flawless and smooth. If you neglect the base, then your nails will soon acquire a yellowish tint, and then another and begin to stratify.

thick layers of paint

If you think that the more you apply the varnish, the manicure is spectacular, you're wrong. It is best to cover the nail plate layers being extremely thin.

Top 10 mistakes in manicure

In other varnish can be distributed unevenly, you have to wait until it dries, and moreover, he is unkempt manicure and also short-lived.

Top 10 mistakes in manicure


The optimum method of application will classical technique consisting of three strokes. Initially center of the nail, and then on the sides.

Start from the end of the cuticle, and the middle of the nail, gently without removing the brush, spread the paint. You can then paint the side of the nail.

DEGREASING nail plate

This is a necessary condition for stable and high-quality manicure. Simple, not skim the surface of the nail, no, even the most resistant coating should not go wrong.


This point is very important. Overdue lacquers better throw. Typically, the shelf life is limited to one year. If spoil the cosmetics used and further the chemicals become toxic, and therefore, they can cause great harm to health.

Top 10 mistakes in manicure

Nail and Cuticle

It is very difficult to perform a manicure, the cuticle without touching, so many, afraid to touch it, do not pass varnish well before it. However, this does not look aesthetically pleasing. If you still have made an error, then you will gain a toothpick, which should be wound a little wool. After the coating dries, the dip stick in the nail polish remover and gently clean cuticles.

without acetone

Such a tool is necessary for the health of your nails. Such aggressive ingredient as acetone, leads to drying of the nail plate, resulting in its surface may appear white spots.