How to create a basic wardrobe for a girl

As you know, every woman has two problems - "nothing to wear" and nowhere is "nothing" hang - cabinets crammed with excessive amounts of stuff.

The problem of the informal wardrobe may face absolutely any woman - and a young student, and provided a business woman. So why is this so urgent problem for many women?

The answer is simple - with this approach, there are material complexity - money on clothes goes more and more, and still it seems that not enough of the ideal just one thing.

In fact, just how attractive she looks, it does not depend on the number of items, and the ability to combine these things, to wear and apply. Therefore important to be able to create a basic wardrobe that will permanently solve the problem of lack of necessary clothing.

Basic wardrobe should be approximately 70% of your belongings, because the well-chosen basic things - the easier it will be to combine them with each other, diluting current design trends, accessories and other accents.

Ordering of

Start drawing the correct basic wardrobe is best to systematize those things that you have. Simply remove all of the closet and spread out so that everything is good to see. Next you need to share things with are three main groups of:

  • extra stuff,
  • basic wardrobe items and
  • additional (spare).

The extra thing

In the category of "extra" include those things that do not match the current season - when you keep all the clothes together, they fool you, you think that a lot of dresses, but to choose in the end there is nothing. Also remove the things that you have not in size, worn and just those that you no longer like.

The basic wardrobe items

How to create a basic wardrobe for a girl

To include basic things like a neutral color, and style shoes and clothes, high quality underwear. Buying underwear from the manufacturer you not only save, but you can be assured of quality products.

How to create a basic wardrobe for a girl

A distinctive feature of the basic things - clean, easily combined with each other colors:

  1. basic and basic black,
  2. laconic gray,
  3. soft beige,
  4. noble blue,
  5. red
  6. White
  7. Brown, as well as the absence of a pronounced finish.

In themselves, these things are neutral, but they are able to start playing with the right accessories.

The classic thing

Also in this category are things that are considered classics of fashion. That is, these things can not be so simple, but they are symbols of fashion and style.

How to create a basic wardrobe for a girl

For example, a little black dress, a jacket in the style of Chanel, trench-coat, a black pencil skirt. The designers of these things every year are played in different ways, which is why these things will always look actual.

How to create a basic wardrobe for a girl

And, of course, a basic wardrobe is not enough to look really stylish, so also need additional things. Roughly speaking - these are the things that you use a little of this or that reason.

For example, fashionable clothes of last season. Their optionally remove the far shelf - they may be combined perfectly with the basic things give interesting combinations.

Additional items

There is also additional things are smart clothes and shoes, things of bright colors and complex textures. With the right approach and the ability to combine the extra things with the base, you will never look dull.

How to create a basic wardrobe for a girl