And the old, as it turns out, the clothes!

It turns out that the enemy of our youth is hiding in the closet. But what clothes a woman ages beyond 25? And is our favorite, comfortable suits and blouses can bring to old age?

Oh how I want to always look young ... we talk on a topic that interests every woman, without exception.

European scientists conducted an experiment and found out what kind of clothes adds age.

women often become loose dresses of fine knitwear for what is convenient to them. Absolutely! But along with the dress you get more and at least 5 years to his age.

Shapeless robe of fine knitwear always emphasizes even the smallest defects. In addition, it eliminates the waist, visually reduce the breast makes more bottom heavy. And leaving the waist - one of the signs of aging. But even such a thing can be saved if you put the belt.

He focuses on the waist (do not worry if it is not perfectly fine), turning in a hoodie dress. Also still need to add a bright accent color face, especially if heavy hoodie saturated color. Interesting scarf fresh, juicy shades will easily cope with this task. If you want to look younger - Choose a fresh, light shades.

And the old, as it turns out, the clothes!

Sweaters textured knit with collar clamp, particularly gray and pale tones, and an old woman. The collar creates the effect of the second jaw and visually making thicker neck. Of course, this garment adds age.

Wide light trousers - something beautiful, elegant. But if they are worn without heel - woman turns into a plump with an unattractive figure. These pants without spikes dangerous and definitely added to the age. The same goes for the colorful blouses with small peas.

Now for the things that add at least 10 years.

First of all - it's velor tracksuit. Any figure in it will look like a sausage and definitely older than age 10. But it can be saved. Wearing such a suit is necessary to poluzastognutom form, choose a light shirt in warm tones.

A better choose sportswear from other tissues. Also remember that the bright-colored velor tracksuit uniquely accentuate all your age-related changes.

Teenage dress with deer and do not decorate. And despite the fact that this is a youth thing - unfortunately she is not young. Women who have overcome the 30-year milestone, all youth, pronounced things, especially knitted crocheted dresses, will only add age. The business suit is too heavy, saturated colors with shoulder pads make you look a business woman. Especially if you wear suits large size, this dress adds age of 10-15 years.

And the old, as it turns out, the clothes!

Dresses thin knitted long the floor dangerous for those whose shape is undergoing age-related changes. This dress is not the ideal figure highlights even the smallest defects and, of course, the old.

Many women over 30, like leather pants because of their practicality. They are warm, comfortable, durable, and seemingly sexy. But few know that after 25 years the skin, unfortunately, only adds to the age.

The girls, whose age ranges from 20 to 27 years, need to be especially careful, choosing leather pants. Small tummy immediately retracted if the trousers of thick fabric and a high waist. But if the waist is not expressed, and thus there is a female belly - do not purchase leather pants.