Wedding Dresses 2017 fashion trends

It is approaching the warmest time of the year. According to statistics, most couples registering marriages in the period from June to October. Many girls are planning a wedding is in the summer.

This article will help future brides, who have not yet decided on her wedding dress.

2017 will give future brides a huge variety of styles of wedding dresses, ranging from extravagant mini and translucent dresses of fine lace, and ending with a luxurious classic finery and model silhouette "mermaid".

How to choose a dress?

Reflecting on the wedding, many first thing that comes to mind - a fluffy dress to the floor. But on the 21st century, and that means it's time to move away from the classical canons.

Now wedding is quite possible to wear and cocktail dresses, because it will be much easier and more practical than the fairy princess dress. Since the wedding is not every day, and stands as a must have fun and dance, in a magnificent dress hardly this can be done.

Wedding Dresses 2017 fashion trends

In recent years, the fashion is practicality and convenience. Therefore, many brides are preferring the cocktail type or model is not on the floor. If you want to make your wedding day a truly memorable and special, I advise wedding agency, where every detail of your celebration will give a special meaning and filled with holiday style and beauty.

Dresses mermaid silhouette

For the first time these dresses began to emerge in the early 20-ies of the last century in America, they were gradually coming into fashion, as in those years have become incredibly popular so-called social events.

But in those days, this dress was to be accompanied by a small clutch sumochkoy-, gloves to the elbow and a little hat. Today, these accessories complement the image rather than a mandatory item.

Wedding Dresses 2017 fashion trends

Short wedding dresses 2017

Wedding Dresses 2017 fashion trends

is a definite plus in the direction of the choice of a short wedding dresses are:

The main reason can be considered the practicality of this attire. After the wedding is the dress will not gather dust in the closet, as it is bound to happen with a lush. Little dress can be worn both parties and on dates.

If the figure is close to the ideal, and the legs "grow from the ears," that would be a crime to hide their long dresses. The most suitable time midi dress. It should still refrain from too short dresses, because it is still a wedding, and the memory of it will remain for a long time.

Wedding Dresses 2017 fashion trends


Wedding Dress in the style of the 50s

fashion dresses are incredibly fashionable this season as the 50s. Opting for this dress, the bride, certainly not lose.

A bit of practical advice:

• To hide the thinness, you can choose the shortened dress with embroidered three-dimensional pattern;

• If on the contrary, I want to make a figure slimmer, the fit-colored dress with a thin strap around the waist;

Wedding Dresses 2017 fashion trends

Finally, to the image of "played" and did not seem too simple, it is necessary to add a few details, such as shoes with a bright finish and beautiful sparkling clutch, bridal bouquet, decorations - may be able to make the image more than the original.

Wedding Dresses 2017 fashion trends