Fashion trends Spring-Summer 2017

We'll wrap up in warm clothes, snow no end in sight, and on the catwalks of European fashion houses have come down new trends. Famous fashion designers tell us that the New Year gives a chance to update your wardrobe and update itself.

In this season of spring-summer 2017 will be popular bedding tones, as well as yellow, orange, lilac, mint green, blue and unchanging eletrik red. The materials involve silk, leather, lace and chiffon.

In the style of clothing is offered to rethink the 90's and look into the future a bit surrender to the sport, to get into slacks and skirts knee length. Mini in the coming season is not a trend.

In place of the swing coat trench coats come, and closer to the summer offered negligence and silent dialogue on means of large labels on accessories and outerwear.


Fashion trends Spring-Summer 2017

The most important accessories, as well as last season, will remain the bag. Popular handbags shoppers are large, leather bags folder and practical models of genuine leather medium size.

You can buy a bag of rectangular shape of the blue skin, black or brown in color and not lose - this model will never go out of fashion.

Fashion trends Spring-Summer 2017

Colors and prints

The variety of hues and tones that's what awaits us in the fashion of spring-summer season of 2017. The trend will be bright yellow, burning red, juicy orange and elegant black and white.

Fashion trends Spring-Summer 2017

Caramel tones and shades will be one of the key trends of the coming warm season.

Note lightness and airiness must be present in each part of the wardrobe. These cream, coral, pale pink, banana and peach shades all kind if it's say a fresh and tender spring, everything comes to life, blooms and smells.

Fashion trends Spring-Summer 2017

Such unusually soft colors also perfectly combined with each other, so playing them, you can create a unique ensemble.


Wordplay is becoming one of the trends for spring-summer 2017. It does not matter what is written and what part of your wardrobe. This may be a slogan or statement on your clothes or clutches. The main thing that the inscription was loud and clear.

Fashion trends Spring-Summer 2017

We are accustomed to casually unbuttoned the top button, but today the fashion dictates a different approach: undo the lower buttons, leaving only the upper pair. It would seem that such a simple solution, but in the coming season, it becomes a trend.

Hair and hairstyles

Hair welcome light undulation. And no matter long or short they are. Yes, this is nothing new. And yet, under the new approach, this style will find a new freshness.

Fashion trends Spring-Summer 2017

may be parted in the side or in the middle. Choose any color that will give you confidence. Hairstyle can be supplemented with gold pins and leather straps. Such tapes are looked at favorably "pony tail" and combine the elegance of the past with the present reliability.

Fashion solutions

Continuing the trend of frivolity, with podiums out solutions à la Cow-Girl. This mesh with elements of the Wild West. Wear cowboy boots in combination with patterned shirts and low-set straps deliberately large.

Fashion trends Spring-Summer 2017

The freedom to be in the style of Le Smoking. Large cut-outs, shawl collar and luxury fabric light shades, as well as combinations of yellow and white. Biker jacket over can be any color other than black.

This proven piece wardrobe for years. Boldly experiment with her this season. "Tea length" dresses with cropped tops, pencil skirts and pleated skirt of iridescent fabrics in light colors also in the trend. Sweater Dresses follow the trend and lengthened. In the patterns seen colored strip theme. Also in vogue are pencil skirts and dress shirts.


Give your feet to breathe after months of warm clothes. Closer to fly would be appropriate ballet flats in soft tissue. Soothing color shades, black or orange.

Fashion trends Spring-Summer 2017

pointy ballerinas and shoes this spring and summer come back again. It is better to give preference to gold, classic black, fuchsia, colorful polka-dot or striped. They can be both open and closed.