Jewelry Pendant, how and where to wear

To date, among all of which have already become familiar rings and bracelets are beginning to gain popularity jewelry pendants that can be worn as a pendant on a chain or as a charm on his arm.

These cute and very stylish decoration can highlight your personality and complement any image, thanks to the huge selection of pendants, both in form and in the materials and finishes. Buy a copy of Pandora jewelry, you can directly on the site, and you can save cool.

For the case of suitable suspension with diamonds?

There is no better complement to any image, than the suspension of gold and diamonds. This statement, according to stylists, true both for everyday outfits and images for the evening.

There are some unspoken rules of wearing pendants with diamonds. For example, if casual ladies is simple and concise, and the design of the suspension is to be minimalist.

Valid any geometric shape and uncomplicated flower ornaments. The girl in the locker room where a lot of romantic dresses, fit pendant fine form with a few small diamonds.

Kezhual style suspension can be diluted with a funny shaped as animals or fruits. They can be worn even with knits, silk or cotton. Permissible and floral motifs. Large stones are better left for a night image.

are suspension What clothes?

Morning many women begins with the selection of clothing sets and jewelry to him. What better to complement a lady, a small ring with emerald and diamonds and elegant pendant? What clothes do look more harmoniously with the jewelry, particularly with the suspension?

Jewelry Pendant, how and where to wear

All of that casual wear, which is available for ladies in stock, can blend in quite well with the suspension, of course, provided that it is a piece of jewelry is not very eye-catching design.

A nice little summer dress, business suit, youth svitshot, comfortable sweater - suspension can decorate their presence any of the outfits. Large suspension advantageously combined with wide or long robes, and free tops.

Small pendants charms worn on the hand on a special bracelet with a small stone accentuate the color of the eyes of its owner, but can be lost in the background of textured fabric products - wool, cashmere.