Tulip - harbinger of spring

All of us eagerly waiting the arrival of spring. When the first sun awakens nature. Warm wind envelops lonely trees and nature is rapidly revived.

Snowdrops, crocuses, hyacinths, lilies, daffodils, daisies - they symbolize the awakening of the flora from hibernation and are harbingers of spring.

Among the first to see the light of tulips. Buy tulips can be almost anywhere.

Tulip - the name comes from the Persian headdress reminiscent of his form flower bud. Men in the east are to head a national dress in the form of a long piece of cloth wrapped around his head (turban).

In honor of this garment, and this gorgeous flower she was named. Poets and writers for centuries, compose poems and sing songs about tulips. They draw their inspiration in them.

Since medieval times, the tulip is one of the most beautiful and attractive. This plant, the first hand-written memoirs appeared in Persia at the end of XI century. In 1571, the famous Swiss botanist first described the main characteristics and methods of cultivation of garden tulips. They came from a sort of bulbous perennial herbaceous plants, the lily family. They are divided into groups and are divided into types.

The color palette that noble flower (2000 colors) can be satisfied any florist or breeder. At the moment, great botanical register recorded approximately 2,500 species of tulips. Total in the world recorded more than 10 000 species and varieties.

Tulip - harbinger of spring

Tulip, rightly, considered the king of all colors. His queen is - rose. They are suitable as a gift for any event or occasion. They are given in honor of significant date and just for no reason, as a sign of attention and respect.

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In folk beliefs, these flowers are hidden symbolism.

Red tulip symbolizes the passionate relationship and a burning love. Pink - romance and affection. White Flower is innocent purity and goodness of intentions. Yellow tulip has digit interpretation.