The most unusual diets stars

How many nutritionists would not warned about the dangers of certain diets, women still bought a bright promising advertising of magical way to lose weight.

Not so bad, if a particular weight loss method simply will not work, much worse, when it can be harmful to health.

Remember that any diet that severely restricts the body needs ZHBU - is harmful, especially for the long term. It is better to resort to less risky and even enjoyable weight loss method, which you can learn more on site.

Next, find out what unusual diet sit stars, whether they get the desired effect, and any diet can harm health.

Cabbage Soup Diet

During the observance of this diet is necessary for the whole week eating only cabbage soup with the addition of chicken meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. As a result, during this period you must disappear to 4, 5 kg.

cabbage diet secret that low-calorie soup fills the entire space in the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety. Furthermore, it is believed that the cabbage has fat burning properties. But is it really?

Cabbage diet has a mass of deficiencies. In the first place, due to the low caloric intake, the body does not use fat reserves, and the protein, that is, you lose valuable muscle mass. Secondly, compliance techniques gradually leads to metabolic abnormalities. And yet, such a diet is poorly balanced by the number of vitamins and minerals.

The most unusual diets stars

But despite the drawbacks, from the diet and there merits. During its compliance will be exclusively consume diet foods, and in unlimited quantities.

Moreover, even it is useful for cleansing the body and is effective in getting rid of a few extra kg. Finally, the abundance of cabbage and other vegetables containing fiber, can cause flatulence.

Grapefruit Diet

Star of such magnitude as Kylie Minogue have great respect for this diet is that it is less than a month helps to get rid of the extra 10 kg. Its essence lies in the daily food consumption, total caloric content which is less than 800 kcal per day.

Since diet grepfrutovaya, before each meal should eat half of the fruit.

What do the doctors say?

First of all, it should be noted that any diet, which severely restricted calorie diet is considered even dangerous because it can cause harm to the endocrine and digestive system. Again, the body will not get rid of fat and muscle mass, because of which slow metabolism.

With regard to advantages Grapefruit Diet, then they are not so many and they are not as significant as compared to its disadvantages. Included fruit diet will provide the body's need for vitamin C and beta-carotene. Scientific studies in the US have identified the ability of grapefruit fight against overweight, so weight loss per day is recommended to eat just 1 fruit.

Coconut Diet

Not exactly the usual diet adheres to the Hollywood star - Jennifer Aniston. When all the ringing that weight loss is necessary to limit the intake of fat, it is on the contrary, considers this product useful and indispensable, which is why it should be there as often as possible.

Jennifer herself prefers coconut oil, cod liver oil, separated from the egg yolk proteins, meat and even fat. Judging by the reviews this diet will not only help get rid of the hated kilograms, but also enhance the immune system, but it is known that saturated fats are not very good effect on the cardiovascular system.

Diet blood group

Such a diet has long practiced the stars, and it became known that she had already helped Courtney Cox and Liz Hurley. Moreover, it is known that this method is not only aimed at reducing weight, but also to get rid of those or other illnesses.

The essence of this is to human consumption only those products that are listed, recommended especially for his blood. This system Author - Peter D'Adamo claims that in our blood you have components that can break down the same food, and reject another. In turn, the need to give up certain foods for the benefit of others.

With regard to cons diet, then they are not as serious as in other techniques. The biggest drawback - it is probably the fact that the list of banned products will be your favorite dish.