Men's hairstyle undercut

Grooming Undercut popular among men for several seasons in a row, and all thanks to television shows, commercials and designers shows that return its viewers to a fashion of the 1920s.

Earlier haircut seen as a manifestation of courage and shocking due to bizarre and daring ways of styling, but now the style back to its owners Undercut classic version.

How does SUCH CUT

Undercut looks great on short hair or medium length. The hair at the temples and back of the head almost completely removed using clippers. This option provides a classic Undercut, because at the request of the bottom can vary the length of hair.

The upper part is a long hairstyle, which allows you to experiment with styling. The highlight of this hairstyle - the lack of a smooth transition from long hair to short, which further underlines the originality of masculinity and men.


There are several options for fashionable hair styling Undercut:

Voluminous hair

To begin to carefully comb your hair and apply mousse or foam stacker (to create "wet hair" effect is better to use gel). Now, the case remains for small - combed back hair, creating volume. To blow had a more natural look and long held, it should sprinkle with varnish;

Men's hairstyle undercut

slicked back hair

This option is considered to be placing more business, because is suitable for images on every day. All that is necessary for hairstyles - hair gel;

slicked hair to the side

This packing can also be attributed to a variant for every day. Use styling gel or hair spray;

Men's hairstyle undercut

Tousled hair

It is necessary to raise the upper strand, and make a light fleece, then gently spread your hair with your fingers and secure with lacquer. It is more festive or evening haircut option, which is perfect for going to a party or a meeting with friends;

bangs combed to the side

This styling is more suitable for young people, teenagers or guys with a high forehead. First you need to make a light fleece top strands, then brush them with foam, put forward and then gently push on its side so that the bangs lay diagonally and covered part of the forehead. Fix the result should paint.

Men's hairstyle undercut

Depending on the styling, haircut will be a great addition to the business, extravagant or creative way. It is universal, because suitable for any style of clothing. When choosing a method of laying should pay attention to the shape of the head. High comb-over backwards not recommended to holders of highly elongated face, but the grace of men with a round face, helps to visually pull it out. Also pay attention to the type of hair, as Undercut presupposes straight hair.

Unsweetened owners have unruly curly hair, because to maintain the shape of the hairstyle will have to resort to using tools for straightening hair. Classic styling straight hair made fixing foam or gel. Undercut hairstyle will decorate any man will emphasize his masculinity and individuality, the main thing - do not be afraid to experiment.