Wedding dress in the Greek style

Selection of dresses - the main thing that excites every bride anywhere in the world.

If the choice of location for a holiday, menu composing, sending invitations to guests and part of a wedding convoy can anyone charge - mother, girlfriend, designer or wedding planner, the wedding dress every girl wants to choose or even invent itself.

But sometimes it is difficult to stop on something your choice, and even more so - to come up with something original. I want to be very beautiful and at the same time unlike the rest of the brides. Bright silk dress with a crinoline?

Banal. Colored evening with sparkles and sequins? It does not reflect the solemnity of the event. Waves of lace, pleated tulle and white veil? Out of date. If you want to shine, you can take evening dresses rent in Odessa at, which offers only the most luxurious outfits. This will not only save you quite a large sum of money, then you do not have to think where is put your dress after the celebration.

Wedding dress in the Greek style

What to choose?

If you want something unusual, and at the same time exquisitely elegant, it may be advisable to pay attention to dress in the Greek style. Currently, traditional Greek dress - a Hellenic tunic, complete with a variety of decorative elements.

Historically, the coat is a rectangle of silk or wool thin that draped around the body and the ends of which are fixed to shoulders of special clamps, which are called fibulae. In place of the coat, quite complex in the making, and to wear dresses, came lighter and more practical tunics, which also evoke associations with the Hellenic motifs. It is these Greek dresses have long been inspired by such famous fashion designers like Vera Wang or Alberta Ferretti, to create a very special collections - evening and wedding dresses on Greek motives.

Wedding dress in the Greek style can be considered a relatively new fashion trend, not yet had time to gain mass popularity.

Wedding dress in the Greek style

Wedding Dress Greek-style

The main advantage of the Greek dresses, in addition to the refined and non-trivial kind, is that this style will fit almost any figure. If lace flounces and crinolines can play a cruel joke with the owner of magnificent forms, then dress in the Greek style, on the contrary, will hide all the things that you want to hide, and will attract the attention exclusively to the merits.

Along with the wedding dress rarely use additional accessories - in fact, it is in itself an accessory, plus coupled with the bride's bouquet - this essential attribute of any wedding celebration.

Therefore, lovers of stone buckles with rhinestones, pins, and other decorative elements can rejoice - the Greek dress not only allows it downright obliged to use them; constant addition of Greek style in ancient times were the buckle fixing drape tunic or assemble matter on the shoulders. Buckles used in the most different - from the simple to the luxurious cameos and brooches of precious metal with stones.

accessories to the dress

Absolutely appropriate, together with the Greek dress is to use different hair accessories - lovers of bright and flashy jewelry can also rejoice. Exquisite tiaras, combs and barrettes, hairpins with stones - all of which help to complement the high hairstyle that will look best with the dress.

Not necessarily smoothly combed hair - easy negligence issued strands around the temples, parted in the middle and soft curls in front - all this will be the best way to blend in with the dresses Greek motifs.

Wedding dress in the Greek style

And the final touch - it is of course make-up, which in this case involves how to highlight your eyes, lips and leave the more natural as possible. Fluffy eyelashes, languid eyes - and you absolutely irresistible.