Knitted slings for babies - help mom

Our today's article is dedicated to knitted sling - a modern element of a woman's wardrobe, and the perfect assistant for the stylish mom.

To date, the young moms are often used for walking with prams crumbs, but there was also an alternative to this method of transportation.

This stylish knitted sling, which is a rather long elastic web which can be different tie, thereby maintaining the child.

In general, such a thing as a sling, appeared not so long ago, even though the way to carry a newborn baby by wrapping it in a cloth wrapped around his body - has been known since ancient times. Thus were kids, and in ancient Greece and in Europe.

The advantages of knitted sling

The main advantages of scarves slings can be called an incredibly touching intimacy mom with a toddler. Certain symbolism turns. You cuddle the baby, thereby making him comfort and giving his mother's warmth.

A newborn baby who has spent in the womb long nine months and used to cramped fetal position, so being in a knitted sling fully take into account the physiological characteristics of the crumbs, thereby creating a comfortable and familiar environment for him.

Knitted slings for babies - help mom

Now, about the benefits for mothers

They are obvious. Young, busy mom, wearing a baby in a sling, rather than in a bulky stroller, frees his hands, can freely engage in multiple affairs simultaneously until a pipsqueak sleeping peacefully.

Materials for slings

Fabrics of which are made scarves - slings have high strength, stretch and horoscho often made of natural cotton that is safe for the child and is very pleasant to the touch. Cotton also has an antistatic effect and antiallergenic, resistant to fading and withstands washing at high temperature.

Sometimes part of the added elastane for greater flexibility and expansion capabilities and plasticity, but it is often not more than 5%.

How to tie slings?

Ways to wear baby in a sling, there are several. Newborn can be located in front of you and behind.

Under the first option, you simulate using a knitted fabric sling something like a hammock, having a baby or on the tummy or hips, and in the Stora case - backpack, which the kid sitting behind you, dangling his legs.