5 tips on how to choose a good pantyhose

Even the most sophisticated image can spoil and make a cheap low-quality tights.

Imagine yourself tightening, folds from insufficient customized fit, twisted seam - can all be great to spoil the first impression, even if in addition to tights you wear expensive elite.

So how do you choose qualitative tights?

Today we look at a few tips to help you choose the perfect tights and stockings, to be at the same time on the ball. I advise you to shop at CLEO http://cleo.com.ua/kolgotki-12/, where you'll find a huge selection of high-quality tights.

1. Consider density tights

Tights vary depending on their density, which is expressed in DENah. This parameter specifies the entire product in grams, that is, tights 20 den weigh 20 grams, 60 den - 60 grams and so on.

In the summer should not wear tights 20 den, and can be called a perfect 15. The colder it is outside, the more dense stockings you should choose. There are special very dense modeling models whose ratio reaches 180 den.

Also, on one pair of tights density varies. Area "panties", the toe and heel always have a higher density. This is a distinctive feature of high-quality models.

2. Material

5 tips on how to choose a good pantyhose

Most models of tights and stockings contain basically lycra, which allows them to stretch, but it does not deform.

There is also a more expensive product, in whose composition included microfiber, giving special durability tights, but they are very soft and look beautiful.

The composition of warm elastic tights often include acrylics, which will not let you freeze. But this material, there are downsides - when a long sock formed pellets.

3. Size. How to avoid mistakes?

There is a widespread belief that the tights, matched to the size of less than desired, can make your legs more slender. Far from it, although modern high-quality models can be stretched much, they do not save you in any awkward movement of the arrows education and even holes.

5 tips on how to choose a good pantyhose

Therefore, strive to choose tights and stockings strictly in size. You can choose from 4 available ranges from the C-ki to a size L. All the necessary parameters included in each size listed on the package of pantyhose.

4. The models of modern pantyhose

To date, there are plenty of options and models of modern pantyhose. Therefore, in order not to be trapped, it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • never wear tights with shorts under the bright isolated mini skirt
  • If you do not wear underwear under tights, make sure you choose a model with x / cotton gusset
  • tights over 100 den is not recommended to wear every day, because such dense models are designed for therapeutic purposes (from varicose veins or support)
  • If you want a bit of spice your legs, choose a special model with a corrective effect, they are often sold in drugstores
  • Do not wear white tights with black skirts - it's bad form to
  • Try to pick the color of tights as close as possible to your tsvetotipu

5. Color

5 tips on how to choose a good pantyhose

In today's stores you can find tights of any color, ranging from pale beige and ending with acid and melange. But if you are going to wear them with classic clothing, stop your choice on the black, gray and shades of flesh.