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Tattoo - a very ancient and rich art. The earliest tattoos were found during excavations of the ancient pyramids, their age was about 4,000 years old, but they are perfectly preserved.

However, there was a tattoo before that, she served as not only an ornament, but also a distinctive mark, it was possible to learn from what tribe the holder, his social position in the tribe, its history and important events in life.

Now tattoo bears no special meaning and mystical significance, and is a fashionable decoration and is rather artistic value.

Modern tattoos - body art on

The older the tattoo, the more styles appear, here are the main ones:


'S Style, characterized minimalist and laconic. The special features of this style can be attributed at least colors, geometric shapes and small size.


Tattoo repeats sketch drawing differs at realistic drawing. One of the most difficult styles particularly complicated color realism, it can carry one. By the style of realism apply

Slavic tattoo

These tattoos can be attributed all the images that are associated with Russian culture and its characters, such as warriors and other heroes of fairy tales. Before you decide on such an image, you can learn the meaning of a tattoo hero.

Modern tattoos - body art on


The main theme of the figure is the eastern flora and fauna, image geishas samurai and Dragon.

Modern tattoos - body art on


Stories related to crime and religion, weapon image, girls, cars and so on. D.


One of the youngest and most original styles, is an organic interweaving of the skin and mechanical parts.

old school

This thick outlines and bright palette of colors. It is considered a very old style as they beat him more sailors in the 19th century, therefore, mainly represented beacons, anchors and skulls.

Modern tattoos - body art on

New School

Olduskula characterized by the fact that there are subjects, the image becomes more realistic, acquired the right proportions.

Modern tattoos - body art on


Plain gray or black geometric pattern.

Modern tattoos - body art on

Trash Polka

One of the newest styles, it combines realistic images, newspaper fonts and bright splashes.


Drawing points, a very complex and beautiful style, looks bright, and is worn for a long time.

Traditional and Neo-Traditional

The most popular styles are looking for is. The main feature of both styles - it is clear and understandable to the edge of the image.


From the title it is clear that repeats watercolor tattoo, very original and beautiful style due to the lack of clear edges and bright colors.

Tips for Choosing a Tattoo:

Try to find a good master, whether it is at home or work in the studio, see his portfolio, and pay attention to the sterility, which contains the tool.

Just a good master must be sociable, because your communication is not only during the session, you will have questions about the care of the tattoo, and, finally, a few hours in the session you will need to occupy themselves than ever. Do not use ready-made albums with thumbnails and images from the Internet, as this is disrespect to the author and do not you want that your tattoo was unique? If the wizard is not able to draw a good sketch, it is necessary to appeal to people who are engaged only in the image of the sketch.

The following is a list of the most common tattoos. They do not cost as all fades originality of your drawing.

Labels - the most common tattoos. What would it look like an original, you need to find a good master with his handwriting, letters, and especially in writing, and these have not all the master.

Modern tattoos - body art on

The sign of infinity - can often be seen on the wrist like both girls and guys. Romantic, but not original.

Crown - itself is of the same type, but if the master painted the original crown, the value of it.

Pen - are hitting mostly girls, the biggest disadvantage is its popularity.

Modern tattoos - body art on

Result: a tattoo for a long time, of the attributes of sailors and gangsters become a fashion accessory, art object and a great way to decorate your body.

Modern tattoos - body art on

If you have a desire to fill a tattoo, then use the tips, look for more information on the Internet, and most importantly - be original.