How to Clean woolen suits and jackets and how to care for them

Today we talk about how to clean wool suits and jackets - the person and the status of a true gentleman, and how to care for them.

We wash and maintain their hair clean, we wash in hygienic and cosmetic purposes. Dandruff and falling hair - a sign of illness, messy hair is simply unsightly.

As face and hair, wool wardrobe items also require proper nursing care. In this article we will talk about the best method of cleaning wool men's suit.

What is a brush for cleaning?

The brush consists of two parts - the pen and the brush fibers. The handle is often made of wood, sometimes of high-strength plastic. The brush fibers are made from natural animal hair or synthetic.

Can I use a cleaning brush to suit the new shoes? No! Typically, fiber brush for shoes too tight - it's good for cleansing the skin, but is detrimental to the tender suit coat.

How to Clean woolen suits and jackets and how to care for them

Where to find high-quality brush to clean the costumes?

Internet - your best friend. Surely you want to get the most out of your investment. Look for a brush on Amazon or E-bay - it is easy to find such a thing for less than $ 15. You can search and something more expensive - the price can rise to the level of $ 100.

Most likely there is such a thing from your father or grandfather. Or maybe in your town there is a local online auctions? In any case, search brushes costumes quite a simple task.

What is the difference between a cheap brush to suit road and a brush for the costumes?

Consumer quality of those and other not very different. Cheap brush will be as effective as expensive. The difference between the brush for $ 15 and $ 100 for the brush except that handle materials. If you want to make the brush heirloom - naturally cheap plastic here will not work. Or if you just used to buy the most expensive - take a brush for $ 100. If you look at this thing just as a functional tool - it makes no sense to pay a lot.

Why do we worry about the purity of the costume?

The answer is simple: 15-second habit will extend the life of your suit for a decade. And if you want to look presentable and luxurious, without the high-quality men's jackets you simply can not do. So think for yourself!

How to Clean woolen suits and jackets and how to care for them

Even if you do not see the tiny pieces, hidden in the fabric, it does not mean that they are not. Absence of regular brushing leads to exposure of the microparticles to the fibers and fabric destruction of its structure. Regular cleaning will prevent premature damage to the suit.

What is better - Brush suit or a special sticky roller?

A trick question. If you have both, use both things. If these things you do not - it is better to buy a brush, as the bristles penetrate deep into the tissue, removing a greater number of contaminants. Sticky roller can be used to remove visible dust.

If you use both a brush and a roller, the first just shake the suit visible dirt, cigarette ashes onto your hair and stagnant in the fabric fibers dust. Then once you go over the jacket sticky roller. walk roll again if necessary. Under such conditions, in dirt will have no chance.

How to care for wool suit?

How to Clean woolen suits and jackets and how to care for them

Keep the suit on wooden hangers, and start with a clean jacket lapels. Pay special attention to the area, which is adjacent to the neck - There is accumulated a lot of dust and perhaps even hair. Make a neat movement along the brush fibers, not across! Lift the collar and clean under them the same gentle downward movement. After that, return the collar in the normal position. Proceed to the seams on the shoulders. Walk on it from both sides - front and back.

Gently pull on one of the sleeves to the side and thus keeping it clean the surface along the joint, moving smoothly from the axillary area down. Make it to the second sleeve. Now clean the hose from the outside - the movement must start from the shoulder.

How often should I clean a suit?

How to Clean woolen suits and jackets and how to care for them

Handle suit brush you need before and after each wearing. If you make a gentle, slow movements of the brush, it will not hurt the fabric.

Suit Cleaning is a simple and cheap way of preventive maintenance.

Taking brushing habit, you may not have to use dry cleaning. This procedure not only helps you save great money, but also will protect your clothing from aggressive reagents at the dry cleaners.

The last thought on how to clean the jacket

How to Clean woolen suits and jackets and how to care for them

A simple brush and roller for the suit to be in the closet each. Cleaning takes less than a minute, in return you get free from dandruff, dirt and particles of tissue of food that will last you a decade.