Features laser hair removal

There is no any clear canons of beauty, and the notion of female attractiveness are changing with the fashion.

But there are some rules that must comply with every girl and one of them - is a thorough skin care. Given the continued employment of modern women, not always remains time for daily beauty treatments.

Today, there is a way to abandon the unpleasant manipulation with a razor or painful procedures with wax. Laser hair removal in Krasnodar and any other city - is a gentle way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair on the body.

This procedure involves a local effect on the epidermis pulses of a certain frequency by using a special tool. As a result, hair follicles visible structure breaks down, and "sleeping" under the skin weaken the bulbs.

Features laser hair removal

How is the hair removal session?

Flash output and frequency of exposure to the expert selected depending on the melanin content and the sensitivity of the patient's skin. In beauty salons, this procedure is carried out as follows:

  • consultation cosmetologist, inspection, test sensitivity;
  • shortening hairs for better passing micropulses;
  • laser irradiation on the selected area;
  • hair removal treatment areas emollient

Prior to the laser hair removal is not recommended to sunbathe and visit a solarium, pull out or lighten your hair. To achieve best results, you need to spend from 4 to 10 sessions, depending on the characteristics of the skin.

Refrain from procedures necessary for pregnant women, patients with acute inflammatory processes in the body or wounds in the skin. Before the appointment of an expert session to collect information on the patient's health status and give necessary recommendations.