Women's fashion headwear 2016

Women's fashion headwear 2016

Do you think a female accessory becoming the most popular in the warm season? That's right - a hat, be it a hat, panama beautiful or stylish scarf, tie which can be a variety of ways. Today, we will talk about the most fashionable hats at the warm season in 2016.

Warm weather, came in Moscow marks the return of a fashion accessory beautiful - women's hats. Current warm season in 2016 will delight us with you a wide variety of models of this beautiful, very elegant, and undoubtedly feminine accessory.

If you go back ten years ago, you can remember a time when every woman was wearing this hat is also easy, like brushing your teeth in the morning. But fifty years ago, the kind of woman without beautiful hat on his head at all is puzzling.

In those days, it was considered unseemly when a woman's head was not covered with a hat or scarf. Last women were not very wealthy families, but noble and rich women have always had in her wardrobe a whole arsenal of hats and caps, and other hats for all occasions.

To date, little advanced beautiful and fashionable women's hats are gaining a new round of popularity. It should be noted that wearing a beautiful hat, once you feel like a real woman, posture immediately becomes proud and straight, an easy gait and carefree. You can buy wholesale hats at the same time great save.

The most current model of female hats Spring-Summer 2016

  • boater - neat, a straw hat. It is of French origin, rigid and precise form, always direct the small field, the crown small.
  • Women's fashion headwear 2016
    • Trilby - a beautiful female hat with a very, very narrow, with a fairly soft fields, buckle back.
Women's fashion headwear 2016
    • Cap - tablet - a beautiful woman's headdress that looks elegant. Wear it you can trim veil, which by the way will also be very fashionable in 2016.
Women's fashion headwear 2016
    • Cloche - a model of the current forever felt with miniature golf. It creates a retro image and is very ladies with a narrow face.
Women's fashion headwear 2016

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