Wax for hair to use?

Today, in order to lay the hair, you can choose any means, as in the stores of their huge set.

Quite a good tool for hair styling is a wax that perfectly captures even the most capricious curls, however, not all women know about it.

The main advantages of wax

Due to its composition it can be used every woman, while your hair will look shiny and smooth. Thin hair it will help to keep the volume and curls will help maintain the smoothness after straightening.

Also it can be used to achieve the effect disheveled, and the hair will not look dirty, as, for example, after using the foam.

Pros wax for hair

The main advantage of wax is its maximum resistance, which can not boast of all cosmetic products for hair. But its composition, can help hair gain strength and look healthy.

Once, it is true of the decision to use it on your hair, you will be able to verify the veracity of the above written. After a short time you will notice that your hair began to look better and well maintained. This tool is able to envelop the hair, it nourishes, moisturizes and protects it from environmental contaminated environment. Also, it does not allow damaging ultraviolet rays affect the hair and washed off easily under running water.

Wax for hair to use?

How to choose the wax?

It is very important to choose the wax, which is perfectly suitable for your hair. He must have persistent fixation, emphasize the beauty of your hair, to accentuate its color and give a natural natural shine.

You must give preference only to trusted brands, and in any case do not buy wax transitions and stalls. It is also necessary to pay attention to the production date and deadline for the use as an expired facility will be a bad influence on your hair.

Wax own cooking at home

Wax can be created at home, for this you will need:

· Fresh juice from the top of celery;

· Avocado oil;

· Natural wax;

· Any essential oil.

Wax for the preparation, you need to pick up yellow. It melted to a liquid consistency, after which all of the above ingredients are added. The resulting mixture should be mixed thoroughly and send in the refrigerator for complete solidification. About a day wax is ready for use.

Tips for using wax hair

Before, to do hair styling using wax, the head should be washed with shampoo. On a slightly damp hair is applied to the wax before applying it should be a little warm in the palms of the hands, by rubbing, and applied evenly over the entire length.

If the application of the hands is difficult, you can use a straight comb, and only then dried with a hair dryer. When you create curls, the procedure is identical to the previous application, just before blow-drying, hair curlers must be screwed on.

Wax comes in two forms, solid and liquid. The principle of operation they have the same, the only difference is personally your preference.

Wax for hair to use video