How to choose the suspension and with what to wear

Today we will talk about how to choose the right suspension and what to wear, it's decoration is not inferior to the popularity of any rings or bracelets.

What to choose: a gold or a silver pendant?

Among the large number of jewelry lovers only a small portion is fan of a metal such as silver. The overwhelming majority firmly adheres to the classic preference for gold. However, diamond pendants can look luxurious in gold and silver frame.

How to make the right choice?

Golden articles give a person status, as if to say about his financial capabilities. Silver articles often have a lower cost, but modern design made of silver for its price may be on a par with gold.

It is believed that the silver gives man purity of thought, which is not the gold.

Gold, by the way, does not change the human desires, but only reinforces them. And silver, and gold is able to favorably enhance the beauty and youthfulness of the skin of its owner. A great option would be decorated with gold heart, which is suitable as a daily way, and for the evening along.

How to choose the suspension and with what to wear

What suspension choose: a modest or luxury?

Buy jewelry set can not afford one, but to buy the suspension under the force of almost anyone.

On sale you can find hundreds of options for suspension, any design, with and without minerals, huge and elegant. Buying a suspension will delight sophisticated lady for a long time?

Choosing between modest and luxury suspension, it must be remembered that in fact the answer lies on the surface. Modest suspension will decorate almost any way, it can be worn every day, with a dress, a jacket, jumper or even svitshotom. Luxury suspension with a simple jacket will look out of place, but it is an ideal option for those women who often go out in evening dresses.

In short, the choice of suspension should be guided solely by the lifestyle of the future owner of this piece of jewelry.

What are suspension not buy as a gift?

Why jewelry, such as earrings in yellow gold with diamonds, so like the ladies? Perhaps this is due to the fact that such gifts identify the attitude of the donor to the lady. However, some jewelry to give desirable. In some cases, it can happen? Firstly, some of the stones in pendants categorically do not fit on the sign of the zodiac. For example, everyone's favorite amber can play a cruel joke with Taurus. This mineral will annoy the person.

How to choose the suspension and with what to wear

It is also inappropriate to give a suspension with pearls for the wedding because of the ancient belief this mineral is sometimes symbolized tears, that the festival is not allowed. And finally, jewelry, and suspension, including, it is possible to give only close people.

Unfamiliar girl such a gift may seem strange. Some women may feel for a debt after the adoption of such an expensive gift.