How to choose the right decoration for tsvetotipu

Do you know all the criteria for the selection of jewelry? Unfortunately, not every girl understands all the nuances. What can we then say about men? Our today's article will tell you all about the proper selection of jewelry tsvetotipu.

tsvetotip lover - top tips for men

If you want to make a gift to his beloved, today we will give you a very valuable advice that not only quickly remembered, but also help you in the future. It is about tsvetotip girl.

This is - a set of differences in a person's appearance. For example, there are colors that we associate with a specific time of year. Given these differences in appearance, you can choose a piece of jewelry that will perfectly fit girl.

I'm sure you already knew that there are 4 tsvetotipa women.


  1. girl winter;
  2. to girl-spring;
  3. girl-summer;
  4. girl autumn.

We look at each tsvetotip detail and examine what kind of jewelry suitable women.

How to choose the right decoration for tsvetotipu

Cold girl with bright eyes

Winter - cold beauty, her eyes bright colors and dark hair. The main difference from other tsvetotip - special contrast. Girls have the nature of a much more dark hair and eyebrows than the skin. Blue-black straight hair, white skin, blue or dark-brown eyes.

How to choose the right decoration for tsvetotipu

It is also found a "quiet" representatives tsvetotipa winter. Thick hair chocolate shimmer, olive skin, green-brown eye color.

Do you think that the ideal option would be the same "cool" decoration? And here and there! It is an unusual design, the most daring and bright decorations fit lady of this type.

You can choose the product of platinum or white gold with diamonds. This lady in the secret dreams about the necklace of pearls, so learning more about them and having presented her such a generous gift, you can not go wrong.

You can opt for such a woman is not only unique product of white gold, but also consider the full set, consisting of a few ornaments.

Bright green or bright blue stones give a woman of extravagance. If you do not want to just pick up the decoration of the lady, but also to present a gift not in the standard form, you can wrap it in a scarf seasoned "winter" palette.

The girl-spring or the personification of femininity and elegance

From the women of this type is based on the heat at any time of the year. Natural blonde is quite common. Also, hair can be golden or amber tide. According to the structure of the hair is not exactly straight and curly and thin. The skin has a milk or peach color.

How to choose the right decoration for tsvetotipu

Spring tsvetotip also associated with blue, gray and light green eyes. Jewelery should be subtle and elegant. Not buy too frilly items or big bright brooch. What is perfect?

  • light topaz
  • Solar Amber
  • blue coral and so on.

It is little openwork product on a graceful neck brush whether would look very cute and romantic.

A little advice: choosing a product for a girl-spring, try to focus on something specific. For example, you will be delighted by the bright green eyes of his beloved. We recommend paying attention to the product or turquoise earrings light gray tones. Girl with lighter eyes fit agate or aquamarine.

Single color, which should be extremely cautious, is black. Of course, the dark colors in the clothes do not hide the femininity and elegance of the fair sex, but the product on the neck or ears may be slightly mute all outgoing heat.

The girl-summer

The most common type in Russia. Ash, brown hair, gray and green eyes, light skin, closely spaced vessels.

We advise to pay attention to eye color and style of women tsvetotipa. Dark stones are perfect for special events and secular parties. If you want to choose the decoration for daily life, then give preference to sapphire and other bright stones.

If the girl has green eyes, the product aqua would be very appropriate. Gray eyes will be perfectly in harmony with the purple and lilac jewels.

How to choose the right decoration for tsvetotipu

Girl and autumn - extravaganza paints

Perhaps this is the most interesting tsvetotip. Girls are particularly brightness and originality, because it is not necessary to mute such beauty. It - bright lady with a copper, flaming and brown hair color, which is usually dominated by red tide.

How to choose the right decoration for tsvetotipu

It is often possible to meet the ladies with a very curly and thick hair. Leather - dark-skinned with freckles. Eyes - bright green or amber. Choose contrasting and bright decoration, based on the preferences of the ladies. Yellow gold jewelry in ethnic style, garnet, amber, beads in several rows ... The list can be very long to enumerate.

If you simply can not determine the choice, then pay attention to the product from the box sweetheart.

Some of the findings

When choosing products for women, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to her preferences. Maybe she had hinted to you about a couple of days ago that the fashion magazine saw a very beautiful earrings in the shape of hearts or drops?

If you are plagued by flour choice, try to visualize how a particular product will look with the clothes of the girl and whether it is suitable for lady lifestyle?