From what to wear ripped jeans?

Ripped jeans will suit girls with any figure. It is important to make the right kit to emphasize the shape and hide flaws.

C than combine ripped jeans?

Torn jeans - a self-contained clothes. The more they are broken, the easier it should be the upper part of the image. Kotonovye shirts and jackets - the perfect addition to ripped jeans, and complete with shoes with thin soles or shoe, this style will be a good option for every day.

From what to wear ripped jeans?

On cold days, you can wear with jeans jacket, black leather jackets and studded spikes and a free T-shirt in a street style. Style jeans can be worn with uniformly distributed holes of the same size, even in the office, if it allows the dress code.

Bags to Pick up ripped jeans big and shapeless. Bags-suitcases or bags, briefcases will be appropriate only with blouses and closed shoes. Well look bags, decorated with metal fittings. Jewelry using the most diverse - leather and wooden bracelets, necklaces, earrings.

on the figure Jeans

The dimensions of the holes in the jeans can be quite different - from very small to large in the lap sections along the entire length. If you select the second option, it is not necessary to make such holes themselves, because - and this whole thing behind them is better to go to the store.

From what to wear ripped jeans?

slim girl suit narrower model with slits at the knees and hips. For obese women fit jeans free cut with small vertical slits. Girls low growth is not desirable wear jeans with slits that are below the knee. These jeans visually make the figure wider.

What does not need to wear ripped jeans:

· Torn jeans should be the main focus of the look, so it is not desirable to use them with another ragged clothes;

· Do not wear jeans with ragged clothes of bright colors. Better to pick her up in pastel colors;

· Torn jeans do not look good with business clothes.

The romantic image with torn jeans

Romantic image can be created with form-fitting shirts or blouses cut free. In this embodiment, it is desirable to fill the edge blouses jeans. From outerwear remarkably fit denim jackets, some types of jackets and short coats.

Ripped jeans go well with knitted things. It can be a solid color sweater or jumper with a small stitch. Of footwear fit leather or suede the shoe, and can also use shoes or sandals, but if the upper part is made of thin and light material. Create a complete image can use the cravat, expressive belt and handbag on a thin strap.

From what to wear ripped jeans?

Torn jeans are good that they can do on their own - from old jeans bored. With torn jeans can create bright and harmonious manner.

Jeans - a versatile clothing is in every woman's wardrobe, and sometimes even a few pairs. To make spectacular in his style necessarily purchase ripped jeans. Basically, wearing ripped jeans youth. These jeans have appeared about 50 years ago as a protest to the social rules, and in recent years has gained great popularity.