Effective yield: The Seven Secrets of stylish spring image of La Redoute

Fashion trends sometimes as changeable as the weather. However, the fair sex are carefully monitored for any trends in the fashion-industry, sincerely wanting to be the first to declare his desire to look like a trend setter.

However, fans of online store La Redoute French fashion remain calm no matter the season: thanks to extremely wise concept proposed by the company, they are always aware of the most popular trends - and skillfully used his knowledge.

Outside the window is still periodically raging blizzard of February - as shoppers in the heart La Redoute already warms the new catalog, which presents an excellent spring collection by the French brand.

Adorable dresses and fashionable jeans, stylish women's outerwear and accessories spectacular - the choice is really impressive, and affordable prices make efforts to restrain their desires. However, the main thing is not even that: thanks to this directory, you can gain a clear and transparent picture of the hottest trends of the season.

Effective yield: The Seven Secrets of stylish spring image of La Redoute

To the delight of fashionistas, above all putting femininity in spring 2016 at their disposal is an arsenal of charming secrets. Famous designers offer to pay attention to the following features stylish images of the upcoming season:

  1. Colorful details. This spring fashion ensemble must necessarily include an element of bright colors - coral, orange, cyan, purple or emerald.
  2. Grace cut. Slinky silhouettes that emphasize the waist or chest darts - stylists are calling to demonstrate their merits, not hiding unconditional appeal.
  3. The refinement of natural fabrics. Lightweight silk, exquisite linen, soft leather and velvety suede - clothes and accessories of these materials unconditionally recognized must-have of the upcoming season.
  4. A spectacular finish. Rhinestones, lace, ruffles, ruffles and contrasting colors - all this will certainly add to the image of elegance and coquetry.
  5. color shoes. A pair of bright and decorated with prints of shoes or sandals promises to create a truly stunning accent!
  6. The eye-catching accessory. Scarf with a geometrical pattern of saturated colors or stylish hat will be the highlight of any image.
  7. The original handbag. Without this part of the new season is just not worth going out of the house! Embroidered ethnic printed or decorated with sequins models today at the peak of their popularity - and this should definitely take advantage of!

Spring 2016 - the ease of time, romance, feminine dresses exquisite and charming smile. And create for themselves a similar sentiment can be as little as 7 steps - unless, of course, listen to the advice from the La Redoute!