What to do to accelerate the growth of hair in the home

Beautiful long hair - it's a matter of pride of women. They make it more attractive in the eyes of men.

Is it possible to accelerate the growth of hair to achieve the cherished goal more quickly? This is our today's article.

What determines the hair growth?

First of all, hair growth - this is a specific feature of an organism, genetically laid. Hair grows from follicles. We are born with all the follicles of hair. Therefore, after the birth of their will be no more. But to do so they grow better and be beautiful, it is worth trying.

Hair cells are synthesized papillae follicles. After deposition, the papilla replaces the rolled hair. Papillae richly supplied with blood. On how well the papilla blood supply depends on the further growth of your hair. Important role is played here and the immune system.

What to do to accelerate the growth of hair in the home

The most commonplace reasons for the reduction of growth of our hair can be called poor nutrition and stress. As a result of malnutrition every hair follicle on our head lacks nutrients and minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Stress severely impairs and slows down blood supply to the hair roots, impaired hormonal balance, which, in turn, breaks the power of follicles.

But there are ways to speed up hair growth. In the first place to establish adequate nutrition to ensure adequate intake of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Pay attention to all the vegetables yellow, they contain carotene well strengthens hair, also providing them with the best and fastest growth. Biotin - no less important vitamins contained in brewer's yeast and walnuts. In addition, buy at the pharmacy complex vitamins for hair. Special products for hair care, see here. Also need to give up bad habits.

Head massage

Pleasant and at the same time useful procedure, stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. You can get a massage at home, and you can trust the professionals. The efficiency of the massage is increased by shampooing when additionally joins the impact of warm water that expands the pores of the head.

Professional methods

What to do to accelerate the growth of hair in the home


The method in the introduction under the scalp hair growth in the area of ​​special therapeutic cocktail. As a result, significantly improves blood flow to the head, and thus accelerating the growth of healthy and beautiful hair.

Laser therapy

Modern laser medicine is able to awaken the follicles are at rest. This advanced method, enabling precise work on every hair follicle, thus greatly accelerate the growth of hair.

To date, in the shops you can even find a special laser combs, promote growth and strengthen the hair.

Also in specialized cosmetics shops you can buy the most advanced professional products for hair and scalp without difficulty. There are special shampoos and hair activators. The minimum term of use of such funds - three months.

Traditional methods of

What to do to accelerate the growth of hair in the home

Irritability, improves blood supply papillae possess mask mustard, hot pepper. These substances irritate the scalp, leaving it significantly enhanced blood flow.

Tincture of hot peppers are sold in pharmacies. Tincture can be done at home: a pod of hot pepper insist on vodka for three weeks in a dark place.

Application folk treatment has the effect provided their systematic and prolonged use. Using them will not be able to quickly grow hair, but the positive effect lasts long enough.

Of the decoction choose a decoction of nettles, oregano, sage, lemon juice and aloe. still enjoys a well-deserved recognition, rub it in your head and leave it on for an hour burdock. Then wash the hair.